Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nembrala, Nirvana Tours in Rote Island

The trip to the beach Nembrala, Rote

Nembrala coastal atmosphere, Rote, still far from the crowds. Most visitors just foreign tourists who love to play with the high tide the sea coast.
Fortunately for us who live in an archipelago of Indonesia. Geographical position of this country, tells many stories of the beauty of its beaches. The name of a popular beach in Indonesia, including Bali Kuta Beach, Senggigi Beach, and Beach Gili Trawangan Lombok, Yogyakarta Parangtritis Beach, beaches in the Wakatobi Sulawesi and many other beautiful beaches that may only be known for certain tourists. Like Nembrala Beach in East Nusa Tenggara which turned out to have long been known as a place to surf. 

The story of the beauty of this Nembrala Beach, SP get from Area Development Manager Rote World Vision Indonesia, Sugiarto Atmodjo. Got pessimistic when heading to that place. Because, to arrive at the Village Nembrala, a trip that must be long enough, ie, initially, the air must travel from Jakarta to Kupang. Then in the port of Kupang Tanau, we have to catch the ferry to the island of Rote. Fast ferry which takes two hours, will bring us to the District prior Ba'a until at Village Nembrala.
Arriving in District Ba'a, the trip continued with the use of the automobile for almost 1.5 hours. Throughout the trip, the scenery can be seen is the dry grasslands and the branches of leafless trees due to drought. There are distinct impression at the sight. Beautiful but melancholy. 

Unfortunately, the access road into the village from the district Ba'a Nembrala less so fun when we are not explorers who used to do off road. In addition, the distance is far enough, the condition of the course are also corrupted and not yet paved.
However, when I arrived at the beach, the beauty Sugiarto told it did not seem excessive. Beach Nembrala satisfactory eye with the blue sea water swash pulled over to the long white sand beaches.
Looks atmosphere sunset from the beach Nembrala, Rote
That afternoon, the beach looks entourage Nembrala Latin American tourists who enjoy the peace of the beach and tried to follow the sun slow motion. This October, it was quiet Nembrala Beach. High wave surfer to enjoy the beach, in the months of June through September.
According to Sugiarto, most tourists who come to the beach Nembrala come from Australia. Not far from there, there is also a beach with waves Boa the same height and length. However, most tourists who visit an average stay at the Village Nembrala and naturally spend more time on the beach Nembrala.
According Sugiarto, the average tourist who visit the Village Nembrala spent many weeks to many months just to enjoy a game of waves.

Village Nembrala also relate the beauty of its own. In addition to offering spectacular beaches, hedge towering palm trees swaying leaves with a calm, really spoil the eye. Create a fresh and peaceful.
Traditional houses some people who still use bebak (wood from palm trees) with alang-alang roof, more and add to the beauty scene.
Villages located in the Southwest District Rote Rote Ndao Regency, East Nusa Tenggara is indeed like a hidden tourist nirvana. Far from the hustle and bustle of town, quiet and peaceful with the simplicity and hospitality of its inhabitants.
Beach Nembrala around, there are several lodging options, ranging from hotels to homestay with tens of thousands of rupiah rate to hundreds of thousand rupiah per night. Unfortunately, electric facilities in the village was sometimes off, sometimes even get it in turns.
Looks behind one the biggest lodging place on the beach Nembrala, Rote
Village children Nembrala, Rote
Berambat late afternoon and evening. Activities on the beach is not only the beauty of heaven that await tourists at sunset. Some middle-aged people were busy combing the beach. There is a carry bag, some are carrying baskets behind their backs. They look for pieces of seaweed that is carried down to the shore the waves. Then, go home for drying seaweed.
According to the Head of Indigenous Village on the island of Rote Ba'a, Jhon Ndolu accompany an evening of SP and several colleagues enjoy the afternoon at Nembrala Beach, Rote Island many people who grow seaweed. They planted sea grass along the beach. Any case society Nembrala Village.
In addition to the above view, in the pouring sun in the afternoon, SP also seen some boat fishermen looked back on shore. Occasionally, the sound of cheerful young children who were enjoying the beach soaking in the silence of the sea.
That afternoon, while waiting for sunset, SP and friends decided to taste the typical dishes in a simple restaurant owned by a local inn. Not much different from other restaurants in the villages on the island of Rote, the restaurant also provides a fish sour soup, which is half-baked grouper cooked in boiling water and then boiled with water taste sour flavor that comes from, among others, tomato, kaffir lime leaves , stems lemongrass and basil. Therefore, the aroma was sour sauce successfully invited our appetite.
Besides fish sour soup, some fresh seafood with a larger size, such as blue swimmer crab, shrimp, and squid. Tomato sauce with a variety of spices wrapped in overcoming the fear will increase cholesterol levels due to high cholesterol is to eat.
Finally, the sun slowly began to sink on the horizon, casting fierce light remnants of a sweep of the orange tucked between small clumps of afternoon cloud gray. Breakeven with the beauty of this long journey that has taken to get to the place. [Christine Novita Nababan]

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