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Bangka Belitung marine tourism

Crashing waves and sea Dishes

VISIT to Bangka Belitung Islands, the same as indulging in a marine tourism. Not only the travelers can enjoy the blue expanse of sea, but also taste the delicious variety of seafood is available in almost every side of town or the beach.

Bangka Belitung Islands is a fraction of new provinces of South Sumatra. Nowadays, people named Bangka Belitung their country with a fairly popular word, "Babel". Pangkal Pinang as the capital of Babylon, enacted on February 9, 2002. Although tourism services have not crowded, flights to the islands with the 7 district / city, and dense enough to reach 8 flights each day hari.Pada certain holidays, especially holidays Sino residents, the island with an area of 81,724.74 km2 and This population of 1,000,177 inhabitants, a very busy visit. Moreover, of the total population of Babel Islands, is 30% more ethnic Tionghoa.Seperti on days Cengben memorial ceremony, most of Middle Kingdom from Babylon will return to their homeland. They are not only Middle Kingdom was Babel who wandered into the various regions in Indonesia, but also pilgrims from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China.

As an archipelagic country, Babel has a very wide beach. Some of the beaches that had visited the National Circuit Pre Team Badminton PB Mutiara Sumatra from Jakarta in mid-March and, among other things Rice Beach, Beach rebu, Brengkes Parang Beach, Beach San Lochu (Coast Rat), and the enchantment of Cape Coast, everything including the beach clean water with enough air hangat.Di this coast, stands a number of cottages and an inn, complete with restaurants, fishing, and water attractions such as speed boat or fishing boats can be rented. While a few feet landward from the coast, remain former tin mining communities. Because, Babylon was known as the province's largest tin producer Indonesia.Menurut Ir. Buasan Bahar, Head of Branch Sriwijaya Air, which brought the party, before the era of 80, all beaches in Babylon cleaner than now.

However, when the tin dredges operated the New Order era, almost all the beaches in the spill affected Babylon tin so that condition is not as clear as before. What's worse, when the reform era, tin mines were controlled by citizens. As a result, many former tin mining abandoned by masyarakat.Tak only that, in most coastal dunes, especially in places high enough, the travelers can also find a number of temples where ceremonies. The architecture was different, there are ornate Chinese, some are already adapting to the local ornaments. The presence of a temple on the hill was a stark contrast and attract the attention of visitors.

Besides tin producer, Babylon, also known as the largest producer of fish, such as the Beach rebu. Before the tin dredges operate, this beach, according to Bahar, generate tons of fish every day. The water was more blue and clear. The remains can still be worth it when we meet menyambanginya closer. So also in Pasir Padi Beach, a number of cars often lined up down the traveler who wants to enjoy the sea and delicious dining in restaurants pantai.Di edge places to eat like this, the traveler can enjoy a meal of red snapper, spicy crab sauce, yellow fish, spices, grilled shrimp, oysters or soup plus a segar.Cuma cah kangkung unfortunately, because of tourism services that have not been developed, not many (hardly even any) of souvenirs offered in these places.

So that travelers can save memories beach in Babylon. "If you want a souvenir like that, have to go to Tanjung Pinang," according to one of the officers Hotel Cape Festival, where the team menginap.Namun do not worry, the travelers were able to bring the fruit of his typical foods of Babylon. Very diverse types and are available in almost every shop in the area Sungailiat, such as various crackers mackerel, squid crackers, shrimp crackers, crackers teri, and a crab cracker. Other foods have barnacles, tembiluk, lempah land, brains, and the most famous and has melanglang to various regions was martabak fart. Cake, which originally called "van de cook" it, can be purchased in the afternoon or evening in every corner of traveler who likes kota.Bagi sticky foods, can buy lempok, similar lunkhead sugar is made from a mixture of sand and certain fruits (generally Cempedak, jackfruit and durian). Besides a very sweet and quite biting on the tongue, lempok also very fragrant. Processed foods are shrimp paste (belacan). Various paste packaged and sold. You can also try to buy a sauce made from fish or anchovy rebon. It was said by the seller in the region Sungailiat, fish sauce is fresh taste when eaten with acar.Ada one thing to note is the Muslim travelers when choosing a restaurant or a place to eat. Not all restaurants mainly food stalls will include roadside "halal". In fact, most of the restaurant offers pork processing written in Tinghoa. Well, if you're already saturated with air travel in Java, there is no harm in choosing Babylon to fill holiday weekend. The journey from Jakarta to Babylon only to within 40 minutes of flight. Rate cottages and inns bervariasi.Yang was quite sure, spend the night along the coast of Babylon, very impressive. In the north of Babylon is bordered by the Natuna Sea, on the east by Karimata Strait, and on the south by the Java Sea. A place full enough to feel the waves and the marine wealth of Indonesia.

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