Monday, September 14, 2009

Beautiful Lost world (Bangka)

Lengkuas Island is an island adjacent to Cape Coast tourist Kelayang. Mileage from Cape Coast Kelayang to the island by boat engine takes 30 minutes. This tourism object in Sijuk District. On the way to the island, you'll enjoy the stunning beauty of the waters of the sea garden, small islands and large rocks and little above the surface of a calm sea.
In the east there Lengkuas Island Pulau Batu Malang Gede. Besides witnessing the natural charm of this island is also ideal for skin diving, fishing and also research. The island is famous for its lighthouse which is still standing upright, built in 1882 by the Dutch colonial government. Until now the lighthouse is still functioning well as guiding the ship traffic that passes through or out of the island of Belitung.

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