Friday, September 18, 2009

The best beaches for surfing in Bali

Inevitably, one of which makes the attractiveness for tourists to come to Bali is a lot of places to surf or surf-owned. With so many good places there, local and foreign surfers keep coming to tame a friendly sea of Bali. With so many surfing places that we have selected some to be the site where the best surfing include:

Padang-Padang beach
This beach area is located in the hills near Uluwatu. This beach is not visited by many people, so the atmosphere will be very interesting to try to rush the waves here. With a pale white, this beach also offers a variety of charms to be seen.
For a beginner or you are just learning to surf, there are a lot of local guides who will be ready to help you to surf to try sports, including providing information when the best time to surf.

Kuta Beach

Pantai Kuta, certainly not a stranger to you. So famous beach is also ideal for surfing. Begin until late morning the sun back into the clash, the beach is packed with new surfers have learned to pro. Many surf schools are ready to help you to study here. Local events and international levels are often held here.

Balangan Beach

This coast near Padang-padang beach. It was not easy to find, because there is no good road access here. But now there is good road access and the beach is starting many visited mainly by surfers.

Uluwatu beach
Uluwatu beach has large waves and very suitable for international surfers. Around this place there are many choices of accommodation or lodging that offers a variety of prices.

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