Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun Games in Bali

Paintball is a game that is played like counter strike with the main mission of "capture the flag". Played by 2 teams where each player is equipped with armor and weapons of CO2 paint makers. Guaranteed adrenaline you'll ride. Suitable for your reply to be like rambo obsessed or not kesampaiann iraq war

Sea walker, as the name implies, of course you can walk freely on the sea floor using a special kind of helmet is round and made of glass. like the cartoon character's reply into space. . safe to walk on the ocean floor for 25 minutes with a maximum depth of 15 feet.

Basic of the sling shot is a capsule-shaped vehicle that can accommodate up to 2 people, then these capsules will be thrown into the air with a giant slingshot and suspended in the air until you're drunk hehe. height of burst reaches 50m in a flash and beat Michael Schumacher to experience feel 5G! available package of free t-shirt with / without video shoot.

Water slides
most popular in Bali adalahwaterbom. Here is a variety of forms Waterslide with various flavors: p stands above 3.8 hectares of land and use the concept of the park (park), there are also food courts, splash bars, spa & massage

And bungee Jumping you know already right! let's get some fun ok

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