Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting Senggigi Beach

There are several alternatives to achieve Senggigi Beach, namely:

* From Bali; Arrive at Sheet Harbor, you can direct to Senggigi beach with a bus 3 / 4 or chartered car with other passengers.

* From Jakarta and other big cities; Arrive at the airport, you can climb that would take a taxi to the hotel where you stay.

* From Ampenan, you can climb Bemo available from 06.00 AM to 06.30 PM for about Rp. 1.500 majors Ampenan-Senggigi, or Senggigi-Ampenan

Where to Stay

Senggigi Beach around there are many lodging options that can be made according to your needs. Ranging from five-star hotel, resort, hotel lodging jasmine up. Some lodging alternative that can be used as a Holiday Inn, the Oberoi, Sheraton Senggigi, Melati Dua Cottage, Pool Villa Club, Panorama Cottage, and others.

Along the coast, lined up restaurants that provide various types of specialty of Lombok and other types of dishes. During his stay in Lombok, do not forget to taste the chicken and Plecing Kangkung Taliwang.

If you want around Senggigi beach, but do not want to get tired, you can ride Cidomo "typical NTB transport pulled by a horse. Or you can also surround the beach on foot


* Do not forget to bring sunscreen cream and bring extra clothes.
* Do not forget to bring a bathing suit.
* When you swim, please be careful because in many coastal rocks.

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