Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gili Nanggu ISLAND "Paradise Island in the South Lombok"

Gili Nanggu is a small island located in South Lombok, about 20 minutes from the Port of Sheet and 15 minutes to cross by boat from Tawun. On the small island of shallow reefs berterumbu this is an inn that he owned individually. The beach was clear green. 5 meters from the beach can enjoy the coral reefs with fish colorful ornamental milling.

Seeking a beautiful and quiet for a vacation can sometimes be difficult. The place where we can enjoy the beauty of nature while taking a break to relieve the fatigue from a busy daily routine.

For those interested in maritime recreation, diving, sunbathing on the beach, or relax in a place of natural beauty, stay overnight at Gili Nanggu. Island area of 12.5 ha in west Lombok is managed with the concept of Forest / Virgin Island, which still has a beautiful nature and natural. Tranquility and d beauty make Gili Nanggu a routine for many foreign tourists. Gili Nanggu: Paradise Island.

On the white sandy beaches and calm wave, you can rest without fear distracted by the hustle and bustle of the beach vendors, because Gili Nanggu is a private island inhabited only by managers and staff. The enchantment of the sea has its own charm and is one of the main reasons many visitors who come every day to play on the beach. Only a few yards down to the sea so the fish are tame colorful will come closer. In addition there are also coral reefs and marine animals other very beautiful.

Melodious chirping of birds, the sunrise and the silence of nature at sunset creating a truly romantic atmosphere, making Gili Nanggu a suitable place for honeymoon couples.

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