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Uniqueness and distinctive from the island of Bangka.

Bangka Island Sungailiat the capital district, which lies 30 km north of the city Pangkalpinang, is known as the tin-producing island. However, Bangka island proved to have a series of beaches are beautiful and has its own appeal, among them the Parai Beach Brengkes, the Integrated Coastal Area Tourism Brengkes Parai Parai where there are Regency Beach Resort 4-star resort & Spa, and Grand Parai Pool Villas Resort & Spa, 5 star resorts. Besides beaches, Bangka Island also has some Nature Tours, among them Mount Menumbing residing in District Mentok, about 30 km from City Mentok. In mountain location mdpl berketinggian have 800 rooms the first president of Indonesia Ir. Sukarno, who had in exile on the island of Bangka.
What is the uniqueness of the Integrated Coastal Area Tourism Brengkes in Sungailiat Parai (atmosphere, scenery, weather, facilities and services)?
Kawasan Wisata Pantai Parai Integrated Brengkes in Sungailiat, Bangka this is an area that has a very complete facilities, including Regency Parai Beach Resort & Spa, where Parai beach Brengkes is the most popular beaches, and the exclusive on the island of Bangka. Parai beach Brengkes eksotisan have to separate, gently sloping white-sand beaches. The main characteristic of granite rocks all shapes and sizes of under what conditions. Granite rocks that make a view different from the other coast.

Rainbow restaurant is open for 24 hours with live music from a single organ at 19.00 o'clock until 23.00 pm, or want to enjoy a barbecue in a small, exotic islands, The Rock Island Grill & Bar, BBQ and always serve fresh seafood while enjoying the view of panoramic sea and very romantic nuances of being a small island disebuah very exotic, which is about 200 meters from the hotel lobby.
In the area of Integrated Coastal Tourism Brengkes Parai have several objects, among others, Parai Regency Beach Resort & Spa. 4-star resort with 60 rooms consisting of 15 Standard Room (hotels), 30 deluxe rooms (Cottage), 10 deluxe Beach Front (Cottage) and 5 Suite Room (Cottage). In addition, in the tourist areas are Grand Parai Pool Villas Resort & Spa a 5 star boutique resort.

Grand Parai Pool Villas Resort & Sp, built with the concept of "total privacy and luxury". Currently Parai Pool Villas Resort & Spa has been built Villa with 10 units of architectural styles Melayu area 70 m2 with one bedroom and large bathroom, equipped with 29-inch TV and home theater combined teak furniture.
In the near future, Parai Pool Villas Resort & Spa will be developed into a total of 36 Villa, in which each villa has its own swimming pool with a size of 5 x 6 meters, making a 5 star resort has a swimming pool largest in Indonesia.

Still in the area of Integrated Coastal Tourism Parai Parai Brengkes have Tirta Tour, is playing center most complete water sports in the Province of Bangka Belitung, where visitors can perform a variety of interesting activities, among others, glass bottom boat ride to watch the fish without having to dive, parasailing to enjoy the beautiful panorama Brengkes Parai beach from a height of 50 meters, or a banana boat ride, Jetski, canoeing and snorkeling, where visitors can dive with full facilities while enjoying the beautiful underwater scenery.

- Hill Adventure
An outbound training center with the game High Ropes,
Paintball, Jungle Trekking, Outbound Fun Games and Student Outing Program "Treasure Hunt"
For pampering, guests can eliminate fatigue and relaxation in Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa and SRIWIJAYA SPA
Enjoy mingle with the family while swimming and enjoy the beautiful beach directly mackerel Parai
You can buy unique souvenirs fart
Want to enjoy the atmosphere with karaoke, there is the Blue Star Theater, Karaoke & Live Music Cafe with 50 people capacity hall with big screen measuring 3 x 4 meters and 14 VIP rooms equipped with modern equipment.
Want to relax with entertainment that is not less interesting, Galaxy Music Cafe is the place to relax while enjoying the music every night with the band's capital and equipped with billiard 9 feet.

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