Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Once upon a time long ago, the gods of war as a giant. It was a war led by the faction Batara god Indra, and Mayadenawa from giant stronghold. Short stories, gods army managed to win, but ... a lot of soldiers killed god. Batara Indra finally split the earth to the holy water out of there, and that water and then turn back its soldiers. You want to know, that spring was there on the island of Bali, and the well-known by the name Tirta Empul.
want to know all the story? find out from bali people..he2..kidding

This spring developed by king bali time period, Sri Warmadewa in Candrabhaya Singha-10th century, eventually became a beautiful bathing complex until now.
Bali people believe this Empul Tirta reply can cure the disease. It is said there are 15 springs, which each has its benefits. There is a cure from the poison, remove skin, and there are many other springs.

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