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the beauty of Lake Kelimutu (Danau Kalimutu)

The beauty of Lake Three Colors Kelimutu full of mysteries

Panorama Three Colors Lake District Kelimutu in Ende, Flores island, East Nusa Tenggara, is full of mysteries are beyond our grasps until ini.Perubahan color lake is often the case in three separate ex-eruption crater Kelimutu became uniqueness unparalleled in the world. As a citizen who lived long enough in the mainland of Flores, I'll explain what I know about Lake Kelimutu based on observation and personal knowledge.

Lake District Kelimutu in Ende, Flores island, East Nusa Tenggara is known as the lake three colors. The wall of this beautiful lake prone to landslides. Unfortunately, the beauty of Lake Kelimutu not as beautiful as its management system. Some facilities, especially facilities for tourists, now many in the damaged condition and not maintained. For example, a small room, hall building in the parking lot of the condition of concern, as well as ample parking capacity is very limited, which could only accommodate about 20 four-wheel vehicles and several motorcycles.

TO reached the lake, located about 51 kilometers east of Ende town, the tourists can use the motor vehicle from Ende, also can use the bus antarkota.Pemandangan in the area was fascinating. Thick white mist that moves slowly over the top of Mount Kelimutu (approximately 1640 meters above sea level) is one of the most unique sights in the surrounding three-colored lake on the summit of the mountain.

In the area of Lake Kelimutu many things that can be found, which if managed optimally would be able to attract tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Whenever visitors quiet situation, things will seem quiet and dull. We will only see the stretch of land with a number of green plants, besides of course watch the amazing color changes three lakes. However, do not expect any explanation or adequate information about the wonders of the natural lake and the lake area sekitarnya.Di there is only one board is "entitled" Change of Nature, Eternal Trust. However, the board had neglected condition, scarred hands which removes some stupid letters. Given any information about the legend only an outline, there is no scientific explanation.

Three lakes are located near each other were also "no name". On the east side, there are two lakes, the water each green and dark brown. For green lake, the lake is usually called by the spirits of young people (Tiwu nua ko'o fai muri). Dark brown spirit lake called fortune-teller or a bad person (Tiwu ata polo). On the west side of the lake there is a moss green or dark, usually called ghost lake parents (Tiwu Ata Mbupu).

Change color
A number of the suspect, the water color changes in the lake caused Flores Volcano activity, light refraction, the micro-water biota, the occurrence of dissolved chemicals, and due to the reflection color of the walls and bottom of the lake. A brief explanation that changes color to blue water and white (now green) is made possible by changes in chemical composition of the crater due to changes in water-gas volcano, or may be caused by rising temperatures.

Meanwhile, the increased concentration of iron (Fe) in the fluid causes the red color to blackish (now dark brown). The moss-green color of the possible types of lichen biota tertentu.Lalu about wall between Tiwu nua fai muri ko'o Tiwu ata polo with a brief description that is given in terms of geology, the walls of the lake was the most labile. With the close position, especially if there is a large-scale earthquake, did not rule out these two lakes will menyatu.Selain that, given the Flores Island earthquake-prone areas, including required studies to be able to inform the tourists on the location of where to take refuge when in the vicinity of Lake Kelimutu .

Flores History
Flores is a combination of word meaning mountain looked and the quality of the means to boil it is one tourist destination is very popular on the island of Flores, Komodo addition, Bena traditional village and the Marine Park indah.Bagi Riung you are able to visit Flores, visit you to Flores in NTT is not complete until they've been passing through Lake Kelimutu located in Kelimutu. This lake overlooking the lake 3 colors at a certain time the color can be changed.

Kelimutu the lake was found by Van Suchtelen, Dutch East Indies government officials in 1915. The lake is becoming known as Father Bouman published articles on the volcanic lake Kelimutu.Danau considered magical or mysterious, because the lake is the third color changing along with the travel waktu.Awalnya Kelimutu Lake is known to have three colors, namely red, white and blue, in some existing document, the lake is now black, before the year 1970 in red, as seen on RI bill price USD 5000 a long time.

Locals believe that the color change indicates the three lakes are natural phenomena that will arise like a volcano erupting, a landslide, another natural disaster or other catastrophe. To up the top Kalimutu, there are several options to reach the top of Flores, which is on foot, on horseback, bike hire and rent a car.

1. Hot Water
Not far from the Moni you can find some hot springs around Moni and very refreshing to take a bath in this heat source, especially when you come down from Kelimutu bekeringat.

2. Custom house
Moni around like the village of Ngala, Jopu or Wolowaru at that moment you can see some of the local customs house built towering, cone roof, form at the bottom of the stage like a house that is not too high from the ground, and to enter into someone's home must use the stairs. On the inside of this cone roof there is a platform where sacred objects objects including bones of their ancestors saved. Unfortunately this room is not allowed to be photographed.

3. Missionaries
Larantuka and Maumere is the starting point of the spread of Catholicism by Portuguese missionaries. 400 years ago the Portuguese missionaries first went to Maumere, one of the Portuguese heritage is the Old Church Sikka Portuguese nuanced, which is still standing majestically on the village of Sikka. This church colonial architecture, traditional elements of the Flores remains accommodated in the interior with a variety of Sikka weaving motifs painted on the walls and altar.

Seminary Ledalero with the museum, is another proof of the strong influence of the Catholic religion in public life Maumere.

Flores long journey of history can be traced from the various collections they have. Various collections of weaving with designs which are now no longer be produced also can be found in this museum. Ledalero seminary run by the SVD missionaries who came from Austria.

4. Bung Karno's house in Exile Ende
Bung Karno home disposal is located at Jalan Officer, City of Ende which looks invisible like settlements, which differentiate it from other people's houses is a sign saying "Site, former home of Bung Karno's Exile in Ende" on the front page. Home measuring 12 x 9 meters, the former President of the Republic of Indonesia's first Soekarno (Bung Karno) undergoing the exile by the Dutch Colonial for four years (1934-1938).

Information for Travel Guide:
-The best time to visit Kelimutu: July-September
-Activities that can be done during the Sikka: Diving in Maumere, Hunting Kelimutu photos in and enjoy the natural beauty of Sikka.
-By-by who can buy: Sikka weaving fabric and surroundings, both as a sarong or as accessories such as bags, vests and jackets, ivory bracelets.

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