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Bukit Tinggi

There is several places you can visit when u have been at Bukit Tinggi

VALLEY Anai Waterfall
Anai Valley environment is admirable. Dense tropical forest is an impressive and protected forests. Didasarnya Batang Anai river flowing with clear water and looking a waterfall as high as 40 meters close to the highway.
Clock Tower is a building high-rise tower with a magnificent, distinctive Minangkabau roof, situated in the middle of town Bukittinggi. Clock Tower became landmark and symbol of Bukittinggi city, built on a hill called Mount Enclosure Buffalo at the time the Dutch Government in 1827 by Contraleur (City Secretary) Rook Maker. From the top of the tower we can enjoy and see how beautiful nature around the town of Bukittinggi is decorated Mount Merapi, Mount Singgalang, Mount Sago and Sianok Gorge. In addition, the Clock Tower is also useful as a guide for communities to know the time. Unique to the Clock Tower is the number 4 is written IIII.
BENTENG Fort de Kock
The fort was built in the city pincak in Bukittinggi in 1825 at the time of the popular resistance led by the Tuanku Imam Bonjol and Nan Salapan Tigers against the Dutch. The fort was still around we can see the old cannons XIX century AD period. This large place with a garden has been decorated as a place to watch the height, Sianok canyon and surrounding hills are ancient cannons and building the fort. This is the best place in Bukittinggi watching Sunset.
From the fortress Fort de Kock you can walk to Park Bundo bladder via a small bridge that crossed over the road Ahmad Yani. This park's name refers to the legend of the main mother (great mother) from the tribe of Minangkabau, the symbol of the matrilineal family system on indigenous Minangkabau. In the park there are Bundo bladder zoo and a museum built by the Dutch government in 1934. This museum is the oldest museum in West Sumatra. The building was home to a beautiful traditional Minang equipped with storage (barn) rice and statues, colorful in front of him.
Ngarai Sianok
Sianok canyon located in the central city of Bukittinggi, South lengthwise of Nagari Koto Gadang continues to the North, Nagari Sianok Six Interest and ended at palupuh length 15 km, the depth of 100 meters and 200 meters wide. Gorges Sianok or Quiet Valley is a beautiful valley, green and lush, didasarnya flows a tributary of the winding through the crevices of cliffs, colorful backgrounds and Singgalang Mount Merapi is the verdant nature fascinating. The uniqueness is easily accessible canyon, a canyon in the center of town that does not exist in other cities in the world. Natural beauty is breathtaking canyon Sianok always perpetuated by tourists to take photos as well as for the painter's imagination. Journey to explore the paths through the valley of the canyon is an interesting recreation, if the journey continues keseberang canyon within 45 minutes you will arrive at Nagari Nagari Koto Gadang as long as some Indonesian leaders, among others: H. Agus Salim, and Emil Salim.
Koto Gadang is a Kenagarian (village) who gave birth to many national leaders, from politicians, scientists to writers. Once at a time of former President Sukarno came to Koto Gadang and said "Koto Gadang, a small town, but his large sieve (Koto Gadang, a small town but big hearts).
Koto Gadang craft center known for its silver and Minang songket. Even since the Dutch colonial period, silver and Koto Gadang songket have thrived. At that time, Koto Gadang handicrafts are often purchased by the wife of Dutch officials who served in Bukittinggi. The wife is buying craft to be used and even some that were brought back their negari as souvenirs.
since the year 1911 and silver Koto Gadang songket has known brand image in the world, and always be sought after tourists visiting the city. Koto silver motif Gadang made in various forms such as jewelry, clothing accessories of various kinds, various displays to miniature Minang traditional custom home. Silver Koto Gadang has a subtle pattern, the colors are not shiny, with a doff impression in shades of elegant white milk. Lightweight and elegant, when combined with Koto Gadang songket beautiful and delicate, and fit to attend the official events and parties.
The tunnel is 1400 meters in length over the winding is made by Japanese soldiers during the period of 1942, is located in the middle of the park in the canyon panorama below Sianok Bukittinggi city, with over 2 meters wide. In the cave there are various needs space for offices, hospitals, food and weapons. Entrance of the cave there are several places, like the canyon Sianok, in Panorama, in addition to Bung Hatta Palace and Bukittinggi Zoo. The local people called this is Lobang Japan.
The building is located in the city of Bukittinggi is the first emergency rule is central to the Republic of Indonesia in 1947. This is caused by the Dutch aggression who want to divide our nation. To commemorate the service of Bung Hatta, the building was renamed Tri Arga with Bung Hatta Palace.
PANDAI SIKEK center area known as carving and weaving crafts Songket Cain. Sikek clever lies at the foot of Mount Singgalang approximately 10 km before entering the town of Bukittinggi in the beautiful scenery. Here we can also see the life of the farming community traditionally. The village has fruit of the loom 1000. Painting the wood and furniture also made here.
Rafflesia PARK
Rafflesia flowers protected areas located in the Village palupuh, 16 Km north of Bukittinggi. Arnoldi Rafflesia is the world's largest flower found only in Sumatra. Tourists come to see this rare flower blooms at the time of between August and November. You can contact the tourist office in Bukittinggi if you want to see these flowers bloom at the moment.
Slender 1000 (step 1000) so called because of the amount of one thousand steps of stairs. Tourist is still natural, meandering through the cracks of the cliff. 1000 levels are used by local communities to take drinking water to the valley Sianok Gorge, adjacent to a walking exercise with the background and Singgalang Merapi Mountain which angun and fascinating. At this resort is a resort (coupling) WC, fishing pond, camping sites and parking area. Besides that we see the behavior of wild animals like monkeys on the loose while playing and jumping from limb to limb, and the birds singing singing entertain the visitors
THIRTY Ampek Janjang
Slender Ampekpuluh (Forty stairs) was built in 1908 that initially was as a liaison between Upper Market with Market Down. As one tourist attraction in the city of Bukittinggi, this level has inspired songwriter Tarun Joseph Minang Syahrul song titled "Andam 0i"
One object was cultural tourism Hatta Birth House, this house is the birthplace of Mohammad Hatta or the more familiar called Bung Hatta, who is a national and international figure, a fighter and proclaimer Indonesian independence. The house is located at Jalan Soekarno Hatta is one of the alternative attractions when visiting Bukittinggi. And inside there are also photographs and memories of family Hatta.
Adu buffalo is one of the attractions and village children playing in Minangkabau, which pitted two water buffaloes to fight each other. This activity is often found in villages in West Sumatra. One of them is routinely conducted in the village of Padang Laweh, a small village located 10 kilometers from Bukittinggi. These attractions are held every Tuesday and Saturday at 15.00 wib

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