Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kawah Putih (White crater)

Still located in Bali Ranch area, located about 44 Km from the city of Bandung, or rather in Sugih village, district Pasir Jambu. white crater is a crater lake of Mount Patuha with altitude 2434 meters above sea level. This crater is one of the crater with sulfur acidity of the world's highest, so that the Dutch colonial government had built sulfur factory in this place.

The uniqueness of this tourist object is white kawahnya, the air is very cold here could even reach 0 to 2 degrees Celsius in certain seasons.

Traveler Tips: Just as there patengan in the afternoon in a white crater typically falls very thick fog. In addition, levels of sulfur becomes so high that this crater is often closed in the afternoon.

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