Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Enchantment of the beauty of mangrove forests will be met if Bluebrainers road By Pass Ngurah Rai. Located approximately 5 km from the crossroad Benoa harbor to the west, or less than 1 km from the statue of the god who is often referred Ruci maze.

Once entering the mangrove forest areas, will find the atmosphere Bluebrainers mangrove forests are very comfortable and peaceful. From the start of mangrove seedlings, wooden bridge to the tower. This mangrove forest is also used for mangrove seedlings, also used by visitors to escape from the fatigue such as fishing, hanging out or going out ..

But when I visited there, there are still a small pile of rubbish in some corners that might be caused by visitors who litter or waste from water innate, then there are still some points that broken bridge is quite difficult for visitors .. and there are several routes that cut off ..

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