Saturday, October 17, 2009

Surfer and wave

TO be a surfer needs to support adequate facilities including a surfboard which is relatively expensive price. Price abroad of a U.S. $ 250-350. Because of the high import taxes, up to Indonesia worth about 500 dollars more. Can be found in Denpasar''secondhand surfboard 'worth 100-200 dollars.

Courage, determination, and technical mastery, a requirement for a surfer. They are still a beginner should choose a location to learn to surf safe: basically sandy beaches.

"For convenience, use a surfboard that is greater than your body (kind of Malibu-Red)," said Matt Scarff suggested.

After heating for a moment, walk into the middle of the sea water to cover the waist. When carrying surfboards try to be at his side, so that the body does not teseret waves to the side. Put the body in a prone position on the board, and slide the big toe on the back. Keep the front end board to the surface about an inch of water, and then hand paddle (paddle). This is done when the waves came (white waves), so that the body was pushed into the waves subsided.

When you find the waves, immediately hold the left and right hips parallel surfboard, press board, lift the body to stand on it. Keep your balance, the pile forward, as people will attack position. Distance of the front legs and back around shoulder length. If you fall, bodies lay back and protect the head from the hard object collision.

Professional surfer is the highest level, said Pariama. To reach that stage, like learning to ride a bike bailer. That means, techniques and skills to control a surfboard obtained only with continuous practice. (Khaerul Anwar)
Source: Compass

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