Monday, December 14, 2009

Tomini bay on the verge of collapse

Tomini Bay one of the largest bay in Indonesia. The bay is a part of the region covering 13 districts of Central Sulawesi and Gorontalo.

In the midst of this Tomini Bay, there are a series of 56 islands known as the long Togean Islands stretching 90 kilometers. Six islands in between, including the broad categories, namely the island of Una-Una, Batulada, Togean and Talatakoh, Waleakodi and Waleabahi.

The rest are small islands are beautiful. On the small islands, became a tourist area at all times crowded by foreign tourists visited Europe. These islands surrounding the six major islands.

In the distribution area of biodiversity, this area was in the zone Wallacea, which is historically a separate region of the continent of Asia and Australia. Wallacea own name, taken from the name Ingris researchers and naturalist who explored eastern Indonesia (1854-1862), Alfred Russel Wallace.

In this bay, known for its underwater natural beauty, and as a paradise for divers. In addition to its beautiful coral reefs, many types of fish also live here.

Given the scale of the potential that, in 2003 ago, when the incumbent Megawati Sukarnoputri President, was inaugurated by the Gulf Gate sebagu Mina Bahari.

Regent Parigi Moutong, Djanggola to Longky Hammers News, Thursday (8 / 11) afternoon, said the hope dicanangkannya Mina Bahari's Gate, that the potential of fisheries and marine in it can increase foreign exchange, and can work for the community membukalapangan around.

Unfortunately, reports from the Sulawesi Regional Development Cooperation (BKPRS), shows the sad fact of the bay. BKPRS rate, some bay in Sulawesi region, including the Gulf of Tomini, suffered less damage from development serasinya land and sea areas.

Severe damage to such ecosystems, including destruction of coral reefs, mangrove forests, and exacerbated by the destruction of the watershed which empties into the Gulf of Tomini.

The damage can be seen in Togean Islands National Park is located in Tojo Una-Una, Central Sulawesi.

Data planning Regional Development Agency (Bappeda) local, shows that over the years 2001-2007, destruction of coral reefs to reach 8.7 percent, 4.6 percent seagrass and mangrove is reduced to 5.11 percent.

While the overall area of approximately Islands Togean 411,373 ha, and area Tojo Una-Una who deal directly with Togean, approximately approximately 5721.15 square km. In this area most damaged.

Regent Tojo Una-Una Damsik Ladjalani said, the damage was the result of illegal fishing is done of local people. "These included the disposal of garbage into the sea," said Damsik Ladjalani.

In fact, UNESCO has set Tomini Bay as one of the world's wealth should be protected. The reason, in this bay marine store potential is very promising.

Central Sulawesi provincial government report, the potential of fish resources in these waters, reaching about 330,000 tons per year. Which can be managed sustainably approximately 214,000 tons per year.

While many types of fish are sought is the type of large pelagic fish and tuna fish around 10,000 tonnes per year, 14,000 tonnes of tuna per year. There is also a type of fish such as tuna, Sunu, baronang, sea trout. And other marine products such as seed pearls, sea cucumbers, shrimp and seaweed.

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