Monday, February 15, 2010

Amazing in scout island

Scout Island is in the middle of a thousand islands. Has a width of about 9 ha. Administratively, the island in the village scouts baked islands, thousand islands of the northern district, Banten province, with a population of about 1004 inhabitants. As the central government of a thousand islands, the island has a variety of facilities scout more complete than the surrounding pulau2.

On this island is available sekolah2 from elementary level through high school, hospital, village office, hawksbill turtle conservation center, etc.. During this scout the island became one of favorite tourist destination location in a thousand islands, but fortunately the island of Java, the island and the island princess angel. Island and the sea conditions are still very awake and beautiful sea view is that the experience will not be easily forgotten for the tourists who visit there. Plus the friendliness of the people who inhabit the island gives the impression scout safe and comfortable for tourists. In addition, the strategic location makes the island can be a location scout homestay is ideal for visiting other pulau2 in the thousand islands region.
Many things you can do to fill your holidays here, like snorkeling, diving, fishing, kayaking, or just enjoy the sunset at the pier of the island scout with the couple. For snorkeling, you spend enough for 20 to 40 thousand dollars for 6 hours. Location, you can choose to snorkeling at the island dock Scouts, or join a trip packages provided for snorkeling in the location you want them. As for scuba set, you can rent at a price of 350 thousand dollars for the 2nd time diving. The waters around the island are very good scouts to be the location of scuba diving and snorkeling. In addition to its current water clarity and friendly, this area has a wealth of underwater ecosystems that still maintained its continuity. That is why many instructors and scuba diving operators in the area of the island region jabodetabek use as a location scout their dive training.

 To you who have a hobby of fishing, you can channel your hobby on the dock of the island which is located scout the front of the island. Or if you want a more satisfactory results, you can hire a lot of fishing boats available for fishing in the many fishing Spot2 in ikan2 live large. To rent a boat this mincing, you live spend around 350 to 450 thousand dollars per trip. Much cheaper than location - other locations such as sand and headlands headlands hooks in Jakarta.

Want to paddle leisurely while enjoying the sunset with your partner? Please try to hire a kayak that is available there. The rent is about 50 thousand dollars for one hour. You can try to test you and the cohesiveness of her in the rowing boat. While enjoying the sunset orange tinge that gradually returned to dusk. Then have someone take your picture with the couple silhouette as the sun was half gone. Owh ... really an experience that you will never forget all your life with the him.
How To Get There

 to get to  Scoutsthe island you can through the port of Muara Angke or Marina in ancol. If you choose the Muara Angke, you can ride a medium-sized passenger ship which there are only two times a day.  at 7 o'clock in the morning and 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Rates of about 30 thousand dollars for one way. Make sure you come at least 30 minutes before departure. Because especially at the end of pecans or on vacation, you must be fought for space with other passengers. Because of this ship, you will not find a seat other than ship captain chairs in the front, aka lesehan. Travel time to scout around the island of 2.5 to 3 hours. Depending on the ship and wave conditions in the Java Sea waters.
To you who have pockets more and more major convenience, you can menumapang speedboat from the marina with varying rates. Between 150 to 400 thousand per person each way. Left tempuhnya about 90 minutes. To our knowledge, the ship from the marina at the end there was only pecan. So for your safety and comfort, you should first contact the transportation service provider in the marina.

Scouts on the island, there are many places you can rent for a place to stay. The price bervarisasi, between 350 to 500 thousand rupiah permalam. If you are lucky still gets a place, you can stay in the villa located right pomegranate at the edge of the beach at the front. The rent ranges from 350 thousand rupiah permalam. Or you can also rent a rumah2 in the population provided for your rent. Some one had air conditioning. You can also order catering to the owners of the guesthouse with a price range from 10 to 20 thousand dollars per person.
for you who may have a long vacation, you might as well visit the island - the other islands around the island scout. such as baked island located opposite the island scout. or islands of water and brush the island offering spectacular leaves that are not less spectacular. to get to the island roast, you can ride motorcycles boats, with rates 3 thousand dollars each way. to visit the island and shrubs leaf water, you must booking ships at a cost of 300 thousand rupiah. Its cheap right, you can also joint venture with another person who happened to be going to the same island. Ship in the rental can accommodate 10 to 15 passengers, so it's not expensive ..?
For additional information on accommodation and transportation on the island of Scouting, please contact the tourist information center on the island scout numbers from 021 70317235 if no one pick up this number try to call me 087881460808 i will be glad help you  . You can also contact us by email, or fill in the comments box below this article. Gunawan2005@yahoo.comcongratulations on vacation. 

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