Tuesday, February 2, 2010

culinary dining, looking at the long beach

Long beach, Bengkulu, actually one of the most beautiful beaches I visited. There are several reasons, first: very fine grains of sand, when we walk barefoot, the sand will not contaminate our feet, so comfortable. Second reason, the waves are very friendly, not too big but not too small, almost the same as Kuta was. Third, a long coastline, according to Long Beach its name. Just love this beach less poorly managed, so there is some value minus: First dirty, either by the waste or by wild plants. Second, Salesmen food along the coast that is not managed professionally so impressed messy and disorganized. Third: the unavailability of the coast guard, so that visitors are prohibited to swim in this beach. One of the tourism potential that seemed neglected. And with a little polish, I'm sure Bengkulu attractions could be an alternative to Kuta beach, Parangtritis, Pangandaran, Gili Terawangan and others.

Air at the beach enjoying the late afternoon after a long day of exhausting activities quite refreshing. Simply crossing the street from the Raffles Hotel which I lived, we can immediately set foot on the sand beach. Long Beach, while we enjoy the sea breeze will be more if accompanied by an afdol Young Coconut water can spoil our throats. Moreover, young coconut water was given some ice cubes that can also cool the heart.

In his most fitting is the Corn Bakr. Taste the dressing Spicy Sweet corn is already sweet really fit for afternoon snacks at the beach. But it should be a little patient, to get the corn is at least we have to wait about 15 minutes before it can be presented at our table. An young coconut and corn is that we can enjoy with Rp. 10.500, --
There is also a suitable culinary evening food vendors offered a long beach, Meatballs Solo. Why called Meatballs Solo, because the seller had the meatball was Solo. Sebenernya basonya ordinary sense really, more cimol worth mentioning, because it is the same one aci doang boiled eggs. Filled with liquid dark soy sauce and tomato sauce ... but because the food in the evening again ah-fit lapernya feels as incredible. 7000 the price of silver.

If processed properly, of course, Long Beach will become a tourist destination is very interesting from this Rafflesia Earth.

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