Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lakey beach surfer paradise

 The dry season makes the leaves wither, the grass was dry. However, strong winds and high waves roll, it still becomes Lakey Beach attractions.
Nature of the dry conditions have been presented along the way 40 miles south of downtown Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), before arriving in District Hu `u, where Lakey Beach is located.
The hills facing the onslaught of the sea breeze, looked kerontang. Plants that cover the surface of the hills, dry. The air that hit the skin feels like a bite.
Dompu and Bima is in the eastern region of NTB. Area, based on estimates Meteorogi Agency Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG), is the area most recently entered the rainy season compared to other regions of the NTB.
Entering the Village Daha which is about two kilometers from the coast Lakey, the sea breeze began to seem. From a distance the beautiful panorama of the beach began to burst.
But, the desire to get to the beach Lakey must first detained. Travel a little choked up because of the condition of the badly damaged roads. Hundreds of meters where the road is difficult to pass a motor vehicle.
Arriving at Lakey Beach, curiosity finally paid off. Sea breeze blowing. Meanwhile, about 200 meters away from shore, dozens of surfers looking to conquer the waves as they rolled.
There are surfers who only played with a surfboard, but some are playing with a kite (kite surfing). They are tourists who are also surfers from various countries such as Australia and the United States.
Lakey said the beach is one of the world's best surfing locations.
Lakey beach has the power because it has four kinds of waves, namely Lakey Peak, Cobble Stones, Lakey Pipe and Periscope. Part of the most consistent and powerful in the surf at Lakey Peak Lakey.
Because the waves are stable throughout the year, the beach becomes a regular Lakey digelarnya locations world-class surfing competitions.
International competitions
Lakey Beach on October 31, held the championship "Lakey Peak Sultan Cup 2009". A total of 50 participants including eight foreign surfers compete participate.
Event was a warm-up period for the surfers before held a bigger competition.
Competition titled "Kite Surfing Contest" at the international level according to the plan will be held at Lakey Beach in May 2010 followed by dozens of surfers from various countries including Indonesia.
Surfer Chairman Dompu M Ali said, his department is currently coordinating intensively with the provincial and central governments to support activities that are expected to also help the success of 2012 Visit Lombok Sumbawa.
"A number of surfers the world has declared its participation," said Ali, who has decades of surfing pursue this sport.
Surfers from its main overseas fans "kite surfing", a lot of practice at Lakey Beach which is one of the best surfing locations in the world.
"Kite surfing" is a sport that has a kind of surfing kite from a parachute. Domestic and foreign surfers love the beach because the waves of Lakey and anginya tight.
The visit of tourists to the beach Lakey peak in April-Mei. In the month of tourists visit averaged 300 people per day.
"In peak season in April-May, foreign tourists visiting the beach Lakey average 300 people per day," said Ali who has tried a number of places that surf.
Associated with the plan digelarnya "Kite Surfing Contest" in 2010 the international level, Lakey Beach still need a better arrangement.
Infrastructure such as roads to the beach which was badly damaged, in need of repair, cleanliness of the environment should be encouraged along with the provision of a trash can, clean water supply should also disolusikan faltered.
Lakey beach has a beautiful wave, perhaps irrefutable, so-called surfers paradise at home and abroad, it is also reality. However, the great potential not supported facilities. (BY HADI SLAMET PURNOMO)

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