Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jaksa Road Guide

If you want to feel a different sensation when sleeping in a hostel; then Bloem Steen Hostel is the place. The hostel at Jalan Kebon Sirih Timur 1 No. 175, Centra Jakarta. It`s just a walk away from Jalan Jaksa.
It`s not difficult to stay at this hostel. All that needs to be done is to reserve a room in advance by phoning the telephone number (021) 31925389, and the customer service will write your name in the guest book. Coming to the hostel without reserving is possible, but there`s a chance of being fully booked. When checking in, you`ll have to pay in cash, and you will be asked to show your identitiy card or passport to the customer service. Bloem Steen Hostel does not accept credit cards, so it`s better to prepare money in Indonesian Rupiahs (IDR) currency.
Bloem Steen Hostel is a two floor building, with about 20 rooms. You can choose from two types of bed for your bedroom, which are, the single sized bed or the double sized bed. The single sized bed are two separate small sized beds, while the double sized bed is one big sized bed. All rooms can accommodate 2 people, and only a fan is available in each room as means of cooling system. The price of a single type bedroom is 30,000 IDR, while the double type is 45,000 IDR. These prices does not include breakfast.
As for bathrooms, you can find them outside your bedroom, and there are only two of them. Each of them located on the first and secong floor. In other words you might have to queue to take a bath. The bathroom has only a shower and a closet inside, and the hostel doesn`t provide bathroom accessories such as towels, soap, and toothpaste; therefore you should bring your own. Also, only cold water is available.

There are a few things that you need to be prepare before staying at the hostel for your own comfort. One of them is a mosquito exterminator because mosquitos can be seen flying aroung in the rooms of Bloem Steen Hostel.
You should also be more aware of your belongings. Even though not everyone can easily wonder around the hostel, it`s no excuse to be careless. This is because the doors of each room uses only padlock.

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