Friday, March 12, 2010

Scatter love for others in Love hill (Minahasa)

Bukit kasih/ Love hill is located in rural areas Kanonang, Kawangkoan. In Hill, we love to know how to appreciate God through His creation. Bukit kasih is a spiritual center where religious adherents of different beliefs come together, meditate, and worship, is situated in the lap of the lush tropical hills and misty. Located 55 kilometers from the town of Kuantan, Bukit Kasih welcomes local and foreign tourists to worship according to their beliefs, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or other beliefs. Hill love is the only place in this world for all who seek peace and spiritual truth. Here there is openness, stillness and high rocks that are not touched. It's really beautiful nature where blanketed by green plants and tropical plants. This is the covenant of God's hand is true. The monument was erected to show the basic principles of interaction - back, love and love among the faiths in North Sulawesi. Based on the legends of the tribe of Minahasa, Hill Love is the death of Minahasa ancestors: Toar and Lumimuut.

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