Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Raja Ampat incredible natural charm

 Raja Ampat, West Papua beaches
A number of tourists looked fun dining and chatting casually as he looked off toward the ocean-dominated blue, green, and white. The colors that appear because of the influence of the stretch of coral reefs in the shallow sea bottom or inside. They were having lunch in the Papua Diving Resort, the waters of Raja Ampat, Irian Jaya Barat.

Most tourists seem to walk on the beach of fine white sand. There is also busy on the dock getting up speedboats equipped with scuba gear. Some are already in the region for more than two weeks. They seemed tired of diving and sunbathing every day so that makes skin dark, almost burnt white tropical sun that stung. 

Raja Ampat, West Papua Liveaboard Dive Cruises Barracudas - sphyraena barracuda Raja Ampat, West Papua Periclimenes crinoid shrimps Sea spider - Raja Ampat, Papua
Hot sun and bright air makes grimly returning guests to dive and dive. Sunlight often through the cracks to the coral sea waves. Beauty landscapes and marine biota did make a deep impression for tourists. For lovers of coastal and underwater tour to a fanatical, Raja Ampat is very well known even considered the best in the world for the quality of coral reefs. 
Many international underwater photographers to capture the charm sea Raja Ampat. Even someone coming over and over again and make a special book about the beauty of coral reefs and marine biota of this region. Mid-2006, a special team from the world's leading scientific adventure magazine, National Geographic, making coverage of the Raja Ampat which will become a major report in 2007. reef2.jpg

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