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Back in 1934 atmosphere at Tip-Top Restourant in Medan

 Tip Top Medan

It was not yet exist in the field if you do not stop at the Tip Top Restaurant. The diner is very very legendary in the capital of North Sumatra. Who became the mainstay is the dish of ice cream, who defended the recipe from colonial times to current.
In Indonesia, already an antique ice cream restaurant very rare. Can be counted on the fingers deh. Aja called Ragusa in Jakarta, Surabaya Zangrandi, Toko Oen in Malang and Semarang, and one more yes Tip Top in this field....
Tip Top Medan - Anno 1934

Tip Top location in Jl. Kesawan or now called Jl. A. Yani, not far from downtown, kira2 about 15 minutes if driving.
Once Upon A Time in 1929, this restaurant stands Jangkie name. Continue moving to Jl. Kesawan year 1934, as well as changing the name so Tip Top. Who eats ice cream in that era certainly meneers aja-European meneers van Holland. Maybe not the same weather kukuw Indonesia who puanes, so they hooked seger2 who eat at this restaurant Tip Top.
It is said that until now the tools used in the kitchen cook who still authentic from a bygone era. Uniform of the waiter is also unique, wear long-sleeved white shirt, white trousers plus a cap on the head. So like so dehh Paskibraka .

 Tip Top Medan - Mexicanner

According to the waiter Paskibraka earlier, there is Mexicanner favorites menu. White vanilla ice cream drenched with chocolate sauce, three slices of peaches (cmiiw!) And cherry garnish coquettish thereon. Unfortunately cepet really melt this ice, cherry already Mexicanner tumble this time until the above table. Pake presentation stainless glass who was eating ice cream made dipake jadoel era.
As I always said before, because I'm not a fan of ice cream, I assessment of this dish far from objective So, if you asked about the taste, I think this Mexicanner okay kok. Ice cream texture, light, easy to melt in the mouth. Sweetness is also fitted, balanced sweet fruit character ama acid

 Tip Top Medan - Carmen 
 Carmen is another version of Mexicanner who is also a favorite guest at Tip Top. The difference is that this one is sprinkled with nuts. There's another one who called the Java Ice, ice, who cut the color brown. You strong coffee flavor listed on the tongue of every bite.
 Tip Top Medan - Kesawan

Who if you want to dish a little weight, could Cobain Special Fried Rice. Ga special here who just like a fried egg plus literally in abang2 nasgor-by in front of my house who was ditemenin ama belinjo several pieces of chips chips and two pieces of fried chicken, this is just a special name. Bener2 rice savory flavor, aroma also make you drool.
Overall, you are obliged to make stop here. From the side also the same price as Zangrandi Surabaya. For sure, here we bought a package .. buy the food, buy the the atmosphere
Price:Mexicanner - 5.12 KCarmern - 5.12 KIce Java - 13 KSpecial Fried Rice - 20

Location :
Tip Top Restaurant
Jalan. Jend. A. Yani 92 (Kesawan)
Telp 4532042 – 4514442

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