Sunday, May 2, 2010

my amazing destination

rosted corn was such a delicious meal for me,when i ate at fields around me ..... it my first time to enjoy this atmosphere, after I went to Tondano. I rent a motorcycle to see around of Manado.Beside bunaken there is much spot u can feel it .. In street to tondano lake from menado still very naturally its makes me take 2 hour to go there..but its very fantastic view in there..
.until i forget the time.....its a late know....very cold in here coz around me have a tondano,i visit my frend,she have a nice house which I could see fields and cows that roam right where the sun sinks behind their house again ..... pulled it is just less than 200 m from Tondano lake house..........its reallyy amazing .....i absolutely make readers jealuos

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