Monday, June 21, 2010

Bali Watersports...Never dies

The availability and range of watersports in Bali is very wide. Visitors can paddle in the surf or go kayaking or whitewater rafting, or anything in between. Diving and fishing tours are popular too, as could be expected from one of the most popular island and water destinations in the world.
White water rafting tours along the Ayung River provide a thrilling ride down the 9kms length of the river. Off the main track are hidden waterfalls and lagoons where some rafters take a break for a quick swim. All tours along the river come with safety equipment like helmets and vests and most boats are new and state of the art. Beginners can start in the shallower parts of the river and learning courses are plentifull.
More white water adventures are available on the Melangit River. This course is strictly for experienced rafters as the waters here are treacherous and the rapids cover steep drops and can be quite rockj. Major white foamy sections do exist for rafters that aren’t as experienced as others. Incredible drops and rapids make for superb white water rafting experiences on the Telaga Waja River, and most tours here start out of the village of Langsat.
Diving sites encircle Bali. The wonders of the Menjangan National Marine Park draw divers of great experience from all over the world but are just the tip of the iceberg of dive sites in Bali. On the opposite cast of Bali to Menjangan are a cluster of superb dive spots and courses are available for beginners.
Coral reef bottom fishing opens up tuna, sail fish and barracuda as well as Spanish Mackerel and Dolphin Fish. Tours can be booked out of anywhere in Bali’s main drags but fishermen should check the ecological ramifications of fishing in certain protected areas for assorted endangered species.
At many of the dive sites great snorkelling is possible, but snorkelling off the main beaches is not really a good option here since the busy beaches with their jet skis and never-ending tourist traffic mean that snorkelling right off the main tourist beaches is impractical and fruitless.
Of course, Bali is famous as one of the world’s premier surfing destinations. The swells off some parts of the coast are legendary and only Boracay in the Philippines competes with Bali as the primary focus of surfing culture in Southeast Asia. Learn to surf courses are popular and any visitors leave Bali with great new board skills.

Kite surfing is a growing new extreme sport where surfers are attached to a parachute-like kite that harnesses the power of the higher winds to speed surfers across the surface of the water. Wakeboarding and wind surfing are ever-popular too, and again, learner classes are easy to arrange and exceptionally good value.

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