Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From Raja Ampat, Do not Forget to Widi Islands

Widi Islands tourist objects in South Halmahera regency became the mainstay for local governments to attract domestic and foreign tourists into the area. South Halmahera Regent Muhammad Kasuba in Labuha said Pemkab Halsel Interviewer Islands makes a mainstay among others due to the white sand beaches that are not less beautiful than Kuta Beach in Bali. Also the underwater panorama with the panoramic beauty of the underwater equivalent to Raja Ampat, Papua.

In fact, said Regent Muhammad Kasuba, panoramic underwater Islands Widi has more beautiful than the other marine parks in Indonesia, especially coral karangnyanya which are generally still in good condition. Widi Islands there is also an unspoiled forest and inhabited by various species of birds.

To market Widi Islands, the local government has established cooperation with local government in Raja Ampat to direct tourists to the islands of Raja Ampat Widi after.

Flights from Manado

Widi Islands tourism object is located at the border between the South Halmahera and Raja Ampat.

To reach the Islands Widi, from Raja Ampat only takes about four hours by speed boat. Halsel Pemkab currently also is working on a direct flight from Manado to Labuha, Capital City District Halsel, so tourists who visit in Galway could easily continue the visits to the Islands Widi.

Prasarama towards sdang Islands Widi also be addressed. Accommodation for tourists, such as hotels and inns do not exist yet, but tourists can use the home population. Can also stayed at hotels in Labuha.

The easiest way to achieve this is through the Ternate Islands Widi. From Ternate to Labuha tourists could use a ship or aircraft pilot (twice a week), next to the Islands Widi using a ship through the East Gane.

Authors: Kurnia Lasti
Source: Kompas

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