Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kampoeng maen (Games Village)

Kampoeng MaenIf you are looking for tourist sites that can bring joy as well as be able to build an increasingly close relationship antaranggota, come to Kampoeng maen. Vehicles in Kampoeng maen deliberately designed so that activities undertaken to strengthen the relationship between family members.
There are various types of games that can be selected in Kampoeng maen. For those who want an adventurous can pick out the pitcher into Kampoeng Adventures. This Village offers a variety of activities that can stimulate adrenaline permaianan like flying fox for children and adults, games burma bridge, mini-sized climbing wall, street hassle, elvis walk, two line, and low ropes course.
If you'd like to ask the children to learn to make and get to know the kinds of food, could elect to enter into Kampoeng Pain. Here kids can learn about how the process and how to make a meal with the size of kitchen equipment has been adjusted, every dish that can be enjoyed by the author directly. Food choice of traditional or international menus.
Kampoeng Maen
Kampoeng Maen
Kampoeng MaenBagi who want to feel the atmosphere of rural living as well as community activities may menyambangi Kampoeng Traditional village. Here, activities and traditional games to choose from. Like making batik dyed fabric jumputan arts, weaving sticks to make the dish.
Kampoeng maen have a village that can increase knowledge. Village is named Kampoeng Knowledge. There is a display of knowledge in physics that comes with an explanation. Visitors can learn about the battery hand, tic tat toe, windmills, a game that is not less interesting is the transfer of the ball from a bamboo pole into the bucket. While learning theory and styles load.
Kampoeng MaenAjak Kampoeng children to work, so they can work according to their interests taping decorate, be creative with a plastic bag, to design and build homes. The kids can feel like an adult profession became a presenter.
Another possible option is to go into Kampoeng Family. Not only fun, game selection here collectivity hone skills and thinking power. Such as stacking tower game, puzzle rafters at the brick, clog, and river crocodiles.
To enjoy every adventure in Kampoeng maen, managers sell them with two options, namely the system and one package per Kampoeng system. Just choose according to desire.
Kampoeng maen Buperta Cibubur, Earth Camp Road, Cibubur, East Jakarta
Source: Magazine Travel Club Photo: irmaes, CBN

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