Saturday, July 17, 2010

Culinary typical Solo-Specific Foods

Various special food and wuenak in Solo seemed appropriate to make this city as a tourist destination, the best Cuisine. Here are some of the existing wealth of culinary collection at the Solo and very definitely worth a try ... .. Solo is a paradise of culinary tours ....
Nasi Liwet Rice is probably the typical food of the most famous city of Solo, and even rice liwet already entered into the menu at luxury hotels in major cities in Indonesia.
Solo own liwet Rice was very down to earth, until at any time and almost anywhere, you'll be able to find Rice liwet easily. Starting from the most famous Nasi liwet in Solo, Rice liwet Wongso Lemu located in Keprabon (Jalan Teuku Umar) and Rice liwet Yu Sani, located in the area that sell New Solo at night until the mBakyu that sell in the morning with a tour diperumahan .
Basically liwet Rice is rice cooked with coconut milk and chicken broth to make rice so that the end result was tasty, flavorful and delicious. Then, rice mixed with vegetables jipang (squash) cooked spicy, boiled salted boiled eggs, chicken meat disuwir, kumut (made from coconut milk gravy thickened). Often also added to the chicken intestine, liver / ampela boiled, tofu or rambak bacem cowhide as a complement. Presentation did not use the plate, but with a banana leaf.

Sate Buntel

Goat satay skewers wrapping is another characteristic of the city of Solo on the other. Sate sate wrapping is made from minced mutton which, given the garlic and pepper seasoning and then in-wrapping (wrapped) with a fat goat. Goat sate alone was delicious, especially if the goat meat chopped and wrapped with fat before burning until cooked on coals and eaten with soy sauce, sliced chili that diuleg rough, red onions, sliced cabbage and tomato. More enjoyable again enjoyed with pickled cucumbers.
One diner wrapping provider of the most famous Sate Solo is Sate Kambing stall Segaran Pond, Road No 39 Sutan Syahrir (Widuran) which has been selling since 1948. The success of this satay stall encourage the emergence of many other wrapping satay stall.
If you are a fan of culinary tours and is ordering a serving of satay wrapping, please note that a serving of satay wrapping does not contain 10 satay skewers as usual. Why? because the large size of the sate of this wrapping and a serving of satay usually had enough to eat alone. But it's good once you confirm a large satenya before ordering, so that no excess or shortage.
In addition to wrapping the mother sate Nyos earlier, the satay stall Segaran Embankment is highly recommended to try goat satay kikil guaranteed tender and will make you addictive and also delights Marrow Gule, imagine how delicious sip gule while sucking juices from the bone marrow.

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