Friday, July 9, 2010

How to get Ternate (Northern Maluku Indonesia)
This small island, and the city of the same name, is the transport and administrative centre for North Maluku. It is best to start a tour of the region here.


The gateway is Bitung, N. Sulawesi, 1 hour from the capital of Sulawesi Manadu,. You can get here by Pelni from several ports. Then from Bitung, local ferries to Ternate, 2 boats/week.
From Java to Ternate, about 7 boats/month
Also Pelni ships run from as far as Sumatra or Papua as well.

FLIGHTS to Ternate
From Manado by Merpati,
From Ambon, in Central Maluku, by Merpati,
836 000Rp, 1/week
From Buli in Central Halmahera, by Merpati, 2/week
138 000Rp
Many flights by Bouraq from various places in Java to Manado

Many ships run to most other islands in N. Maluku, but they leave from different harbors.
1.) From the main "Pelni harbor",
Pelni ships for long-distance journeys,
to Sanana in the Sula Islands
(100 000Rp) local ships 2 boats/week.
to Morotai Island. overnight boat not regular
2.) From the Bastiong Harbour South of the city boats go
to the small islands south of Ternate, such as Tidore (throughout the day), Moti, Makian, Kayoa (in the mornings), Bacan(
65 000Rp) and SW Halmahera (both in the evening).
3.) From behind Gamalama market
to Sidangoli on Halmahera
(10 000Rp), speedboats leave at 7.00, connecting with cars up NE Halmahera there.
4.) From Dufa Dufa harbour
to Jailolo on Halmahera, speedboats. From where cars go up the NW coast of the island.

Exchange Money
Only available in Ternate.
$a BNI Bank: on the Main Road. it has an ATM but with a very low limit,
$ Danamon Bank: On the Main Road. Cash advances is available.

Many hotels in Ternate,
HOTEL INDAH: Jl.Busiori No.3, T(0921)21334, f s30 000, d45 000, a/c s45 000 d60 000 Very clean and cheap so often full.
HOTEL SEJAHTERA: Jl.Salim Fabanyo No. 21, T(921)21139, f d35-50 000, More basic, but near the Indah, if that is full.

There are plenty of cheap eating places all over Ternate Town.

Ternate's Post Office
has the only internet access in all North Maluku! Rates are 10 000Rp/h

Of the other islands in the region, only Soa Siu on Tidore, Daruba on Morotai, Labuha on Bacan and Sanana on Sula have hotels. On the other islands one can stay with local people, but for that it is necessary to speak Indonesian.

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