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Maumere, Flores Indonesia
Probably the largest town in Flores, the center of business. The N side is the sea and the port is NW part of the town. The bus terminal(for Moni and Ende) is located S part of the town, 1.5km from the sea. The main road travels from the bus terminal and turn right near the sea front and continues to E(Larantuka where boat to E leaves.)
To the town center from the bus terminal: Go N on the main road and turn right at the stadium or near the sea and cross a bridge.
From the port: After leaving the boat, walk left(East). After leaving the port complex, walk S one block and turn left and cross a bridge.
After the bridge, there is a market and you can find many budget accommodation around the area.

i Information office: Go N from the bus terminal and turn left at the first corner. On the N side of the road. The staff is very friendly. Free maps(town center and suburb)
$1 Bank BNI: ‚500m S from the market, opp from Ask to locals. $7,500, AZ 3,100Rp, ATM(24hrs)
M0 Post Office: Walk S from the main market and turn left on the first road. Walk E 1 block. N side of the main road. M-Th 8-14, F8-11 Sa8-12:00. air mail to Japan 6,000, USA 8,000, AZ 5,000, UK 6,000Rp
internet is available
M1 Telephone:Yentel: opp from Bank BNI 24 hrs.
P Police: ?
H Hospital: ?
ta Floressa Wisata Tour: 2 offices. NE from the main market. Ask locals. 0382-22281 boat ticket from Maumere to Benoa, Bali
m Main Market: just E from the river, near the sea front.
m New Market: W of town, W from the stadium. The bus terminal, new market and the central market are connected with bemos.
s Souvenir shops: Ikat shop: One on the street of E side of the central market and E OF same market.
@ Internet: at Post office: 8-22:00, 10,000Rp/hr


A Airport: 8km E from the town. The buses to Larantuka are passing by.
B Bus terminal(Maoawat): S part of town on the main road to S. Bus to Moni, Ende leaves from here. Also buses from Larantuka leave on the road in front of the terminal.
To Moni
10000Rp, To Ende 15,000Rp. Tourists will be ripped off, double the prices. The last bus leaves 16:00
To Larantuka:
15000Rp. It also leaves outside of the bus station on the main road.
F Port: NW part of town. The gate is near the N end of the main road from the bus terminal. The pier is the W end. Express boat to Bima, Sumbawa, Benoa, Bali, Surabaya Java, W Timor. Tickets can be arranged by many travel agents in town with same prices.
To Benoa: dep M13:00,
Executive 300,000, Biz 275,000, Economy 250,000Rp.
To W Timor:
?Rp Su12:00?

Local Transport

Bemos: Running around the town. 1000Rp. From the bus terminal, you can go to the market area where you can find many budget accommodation via the New Market.




Prices: Single/double

h1 Wini Rai Hotel: Jl. Gajah Mada #50, T21388, just N the bus station to Moni and Ende. As you leave from the bus terminal, turn left and walk 50m, f ab d55,000Rp bf C3 Cheaper rooms without breakfast are available.

h2 Hotel: Bogor: just E of the bridge, N from the market. f sb 25/30,000, f ab 30/35,000, a/c 55/60,000 TV 70/75,000 tea/coffee 10% tax.C3

h3 Hotel lareska: Jl. Sugiopranoto #4, just E of the bridge, N from the market. T21137, sb 11,000/p, ab 16,500/p C4 Rec

h4 Benggoan: Just E from the Central Market. T21347, f ab d30,000, a/c d50,000 C4

h5 Benggoan: Just E from the Central Market.T21041, sb 10/15,000, ab 15/20,000 f ab 20/30,000. a/c 35/45,000, TV45/68,000 tea/coffee C4

h6 Wini Rai II: Jl. Dr. Soetomo #7, near and E from the Central Market. T21262, f sb 16,500/24,750, f ab 38,500/55,000, a/c 55/66,000 C4

h7 Jaya: N E from the market. T21292, f ab 20/25,000, a/c 35/45,000 bf C2

h8 Sehja Wairbubuk: Jl. Yos Sutarso #81, N E from the market. T21498, f sb 20/25,000, a/c 35/40,000 bf C3 rental motor bike 75,000 car 300,000/day Rec

h9 Gardena: Patiranga? #28 T22644, f 20/30 bf C4 Rec


There are not many choices.

r1 Sumber Ludah: Jl Raya Centis #31 W of the Market, Chinese 5,000-20,000Rp.

r2 Local Restaurant: opp from Sumber Ludah, A little S. is recommended by locals.

r3 Sate kembang stall: E side of the Market. cheap Also a few other stalls on the same location.

r3 local restaurants: a few restaurants near the boat pier. Very cheap cold drinks(1000Rp+), simple food(3000Rp+). Excellent place to wait for the boat.


Guide at Wini Rai Hotel I, Hans Karmady.
S1 Museum:
S2 The regional markets: Many held weekly around Maumere. Ask at the tourist information office.
Maumere-Tuesday. Lots of ikat, weaving are sold here. good place to find bargains.

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