Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Towards Warsa Waterfall in North Biak

Wasori Beach, Towards Warsa Village along the main road, overlooking the beach with your journey, stopping briefly at the Village Wasori to just unwind and take pictures is a good choice. If the weather is sunny, beautiful beach scene with blue sky gives a fresh impression to be enjoyed. Waves on the Beach Wasori quite big enough, the children around the village often take advantage of this beach as a place to play with the waves. 

Wari Beach

Wari Wari Coast beaches, still leaves a history of never hit by Hurricane Tsunami in 1996 but still looks very beautiful and clean as well managed by local communities. Border between the coastal highway built with a simple wooden fence, wooden fence of a local left plain, without paint, add natural color of this beach. To commemorate the experience several years ago, the manager gave another name written on the entrance sign with the name of the Tsunami Beach.

Waterfall Warsa

Waterfall Waterfall Village warsaAir Warsa, altitude 9 meters and has a river flowing around the village. Because the water is cool and crisp, the surrounding communities utilizing these resources for bathing and washing. Village children Warsa use it as a place to play, there is a waterfall near the small pool of cold and quite deep enough to accommodate your body weight if you dare to jump off the cliff into the waterfall pool.
Bathing pool is managed by the community, with a fairly cheap entry ristribusi more appropriate for the cost of maintenance and cleanliness. There are simple dressing rooms and adequate parking.

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