Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fly Cheap! Airfare Secrets Revealed!

Ex-Airline Pilot Reveals How To Get Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets. Save Up To $500 Or More On Your Next Flight!

Take Advantage of a Hidden Loophole To Fly For Pennies On The Dollar With Almost Any Airline
To and From Any Major Airport in the World!

Clear disclosure of identity is vital to establishing trust and credibility. I am a real ex-airline pilot. I was type-rated on multiple commercial jets and flew for a major airline company up until the beginning of 2003.

Many of my closest and dearest friends are still flying for some of the biggest airline companies in the world. Many of their friends have top paying jobs in the airline industry as well. We are a band of brothers. It really is a small world out there and I happen to know a lot of folks.

My good friend Tom Rhoads - another airline insider - started this project. Since his well deserved retirement, I have dedicated myself as the new owner and operator of this website. Tom's insider knowledge is phenomenal, and so is mine!

I continuously tap into my personal sources for fresh up-to-date inside information, and I continue to scrape every inch of the airline industry to find out the dirt on fare prices. And now I’m revealing those secrets so that you can save hundreds on your airline tickets!

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