Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paradise on a top of Rinjani mountain

 United Nations (UN), headquartered in New York, set in 2002 as the year of "Ecotourism, International Volcano, and Cultural Heritage." The main theme that carried it feels just right in the midst of environmental degradation, which is bad for human life.
In Indonesia, President Megawati responded with a declaration of Ecotourism 2002, the inaugural summit held in Selo, Boyolali district, precisely at the crack of Mount Merapi-Merbabu. This national movement reflects the concern the world of tourism on the environmental.
In simple terms, ecotourism is often called eco-tourism is a tourism product that utilizes natural and environmental assets are wise and prudent. So wealth and biodiversity can be sustainable and harmonious with the surrounding human communities.

 The government's decision to promote ecotourism in Indonesia is an appropriate step. This is based on the fact that the base strength of Indonesia's tourism lies in the grace of the natural wealth that stretched from Sabang to Merauke.
By having 129 or 13% of volcanoes volcanoes in the world, prospects for ecotourism development in Indonesia can be said brightly. Unfortunately, few volcanic areas managed ecotourism that generate foreign exchange. The rest of the abandoned and badly damaged due to improper management and illegal logging.
One of the volcanoes in Indonesia are famous all over the world are Rinjani. Every year, there were thousands of foreign and domestic tourists up the mountain altitude 3726 m asl (above sea level) this. Inevitably, Mount Rinjani be sought after wild adventure lovers.

Located in the northern land of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Gunung Rinjani is the third highest volcano in Indonesia. The height of the peak is only defeated by the Jayawijaya Mountains in the Papua and Mount Kerinci in Sumatra ground.
There are several hiking paths that are often used to climb Mount Rinjani. But for those adventurers who first came to Lombok, it is advisable to choose the path Sembalun Lawang. Postal early ascent on this route is relatively inexpensive and easy to reach by public transportation.
From the seaport gates Sheet, en route to the bus terminal in Kota Mataram. In the terminal available vehicle department elf-Aikmel Mataram. Approximately 1 hour drive, arrived in the region Aikmel. Here, the adventurers met elf vehicle heading directly towards the climb Sembalun Lawang.

During the trip, we pass the added attractions of the tropical forests of wild monkeys on the outskirts of the road. Plantations cabbage, peppers and onions stretched. Additionally, dazzling green canyon views presented inhabited traditional Sasak tribe, tribal island of Lombok.
Upon arrival at the post Sembalun Lawang ascent, the climbers must register. Before departure, the official rangers give a message for maintaining the cleanliness and respect the customs of the local population. Not forgetting also described the location of a hidden spring.
For those in need, available services guide (the guide) or porter (energy transport), which features a standard supplies, equipment rental and mountain climbing. The management of tourism services involving this Sasak, apply different tariffs for foreign tourists and local tourists.

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