Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Snorkeling tours to the island of Gili Trawangan and Meno

In the times, the island of Gili islands with beautiful coral reefs which heard up to foreign countries, then rushing bondonglah guests and foreign tourists visiting the archipelago gili gili lombok. Infrastructure began in the wake, Hotels, resorts and restaurants lined up from the south to the north dyke dyke chili.
today, carrying more than 100 aakomodasi reply was in the third lombok gili gili northern and international standard such as: Villa Ombak, The Beach House, the village of Beda World, Villa Almarik, Palm Villa, Hotel Gili Air and Bounty Resort.

We offer package tours to the Sea dyke dyke dyke lombok also to the south and east of the island, namely: Nanggu Gili, Gili Gili Sulat and LightsTo Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, We offer a full day package of Senggigi with details of tours as follows:
Trip To Gili Trawangan / Meno.Air in a day:Departure Time: 08.00 from Senggigi, Senggigi Travel from Gili Trawangan to take 01 hours with boat Outrigger, your arrival at Gili Trawangan, We provide snorkeling equipment needs including: Mask, Flipper, tires and jackets pelambung pool.
Please enjoy the earthen dyke turumbu reef fishes hiasnya chili with a very beautiful as well if you're lucky, you'll see a turtle green turtle which is very rare but so easy to see in the earthen dyke chili.
After lunch at local restaurant, we invite you to Gili Meno, this island in the middle among the three gili gili lombok, you can rent Cidomo, transport equipment because one of them in the dyke dyke dyke lombok no motor vehicle, whether it Motorcycles or car, in earthen dyke chili there is only Cidomo (Cikar, gig and Mobil) and sepedah scoop.
Before Mataram drowning, you've been back at your lodging in Senggigi.

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