Monday, November 22, 2010

How to reach to Lembeh island from manado

Do min 3 days diving, The transfer is free, all dive resort should pick you up from the airport and drive you to Bitung then Lembeh island. The drive takes about 1.5-2 hours, and depending on your guide, you may go straight there without stopping, or the drive may include a stopover to buy rambutans from the roadside, another stopover at the local supermarket (have Rupiah handy if you want to stock up on biscuits or toiletries) !

By Local Bus

If you like adventure, like to go by your self to Lembeh island from Manado, you can do it easyl as long as you you know how to go there. From Manado city, You must go to Texas Chicken ( beside Sentrum Old Church ). From this place please find a Mickrolet / Manado small Local transport with the sign of PAAL 2 heading to the east part. Make sure and ask the driver it is going to Terminal PAAL 2. When you already been in Terminal PAAL 2, ask people which bus is going to Bitung City. The bus that goes to Bitung city normally will stop and end it at Tangkoko Terminal. Get off there and ask people which Mickrolet is going to RUKO, a place for all local boats that goes to Lembeh island. From Ruko to Lembeh island takes around 15 to 20 minutes away depending on where you want to go.

How Long ?

Manado city to Terminal Paal 2 takes around 15 minutes ( less than Rp 3000 )
Terminal Paal 2 to Terminal Tangkoko takes around 1 hour ( Less than Rp 10.000 )
Terminal Tangkoko to Ruko ( Bitung harbor ) takes around 30 minutes ( Less than Rp 5000 )
Ruko to Lembeh island takes around 15 to 25 minutes. ( Less than 10000 )


1. Make sure you prepare the small money before your go
2. For Microlet they don't have a place for your dive begs. Put on your dive begs on chair and pay it for 1 person price. Otherwise, it will be complicate it for other passangers who want to get it to Mickrolet cause this public transport is very small.
3. When you get in the Mickrolet, please remind the driver that you want to stop at the place you want it to stop
4. Remember the resort name and phone number you want it to go. Always have second option to go to other dive resorts in case the first resort is full booked.
5. If you have handy phone, it will be usefull for guiding in case you lost

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