Thursday, December 2, 2010

Packet tours 1 day kampung sampireun

Only with
Price $112 / Nett / Car / max 6 persons
First Choice
Crater Papandayan, Batik, Leather Craft, Temple Cangkuang, Tourism By-by (Taste / Dodoo Picnic)

Options II
Kampung Naga, Crater Kamojang, Tourism By-by (Taste / Dodoo Picnic)

Category III
RAJAPOLAH (Keraijinan Hand Traditional), Kerajianan Leather, Tourism By-by (Taste / Dodo Picnic).

Kampung Tour
(Road - Village Road, approximately 1 hour)
Rate: $5 -net/Bungalow
City Tour
Rp. 37.5 -nett/car/maximum 6 Person.

Traveling to:

1. Batik Painting, Leather Factory, shopping traditonal food.
2. Kamojang & Situ Cangkuang

Pick-Up Service

1. $125, -nett/car/Bandung - Return / Maximum 6 Persons
2. $245 -nett/Car/Jakarta - Return / Maximum 6 Persons

Type Of Cars: Kijang Inova, Rush, APV &
: Avanza
Inclusive of: Gasoline, Driver, Toll fee
Excluded: Local Guide, Entrance Fee to
"Object Tour"
RajaPolah Handicraft           Curug Orog                        Cikuray Mountain

Papandayan Vulcano         Papandayan Vulcano         Kampung Naga

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