Thursday, March 24, 2011

King Dynasty, Want Like the King in China?


You do not need to go all the way to China to experience the atmosphere of this country and feel the food. King Dynasty, located in the Hotel Carrcadin, Bandung, makes you feel like a king in a dynasty of China. With a menu dimsumnya like dumplings, xiao long bao, monitor, hakao fried, and salted egg bapao, this restaurant will give you the sensation of East Asia. It was like a mix taste of Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Very tongue in accordance with Indonesia.

One of the favorite menu in this restaurant is curry pao. The combination of curry and bread Malaysia Dimsum basis. When it comes to King Dynasty SendokGarpu, we were greeted warmly by chef Benny Tan, who enthusiastically told the kinds of Dimsum at King Dynasty. Chef Benny Tan is very professional in his field. He started his career in Singapore and moved to Indonesia in 1995. He worked for 5 years at the Hotel Mulia in Jakarta. This chef-made food, flavor and quality is no doubt.

Besides Dimsum and curry pao, there are also many Chinese food. One of the most inspiring tongue is black pepper beef and tofu king dynasty. Tofu is cooked with some kind of seaweed on it and with mushroom sauce. This restaurant also presents Thai Suki, Steamboat, Shabu-Shabu and Juanlo. The diversity of food and interesting place really will make you become like a king here.

King Dynasty Hotel is located in Bandung Carrcadin. Hotel Carrcadin is one of the hotels under management amazed Hotel. Located in the middle of Chinatown district in Bandung, the hotel that stands about 4 months ago has won an award as one of the hotels which donated the building to preserve the historical value for the city of Bandung.

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