Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nightlife in Balikpapan

diskotik di balikpapan
Balikpapan set up a lot of alternative attractions. Beyond the cultural and natural attractions such as the Coast Manggar, Monpera, crocodile but not least is the mall was crowded. Balikpapan has the grandest sights in East Kalimantan shopping on Jl Sudirman row. From Plaza Balikpapan, Balcony City to E Walk, Balikpapan so most people aim to spend his time.

Do not forget, for a number of people also like the glitzy world (clubbing). That's the reason some hotels offer nightlife (THM) are enticing. Red Square in Sagita Hotel Balikpapan, for example. Just bring in two Female Disc Jockey from Jakarta on Monday morning yesterday. Disc Jockey (FDJ) who comes is Okie Agustina feat Devie, FDJ beautiful duo appeared energetic. Playing at the front table that read hot scenes, sexy women with long hair that shook the visitors with house music combined laser light and attractive visuals. 

Just for information, which can be Discotique goals is SQ Bistro in New York City at the Hotel Tower Ark, Color Beat at Hotel Blue Sky, Rende Vu at the Novotel, Le Grandeur Pub in Borneo, in the Gran Senyiur Lamaru Pub, Tavern on the front of the Hotel Mirama, Score in E Walk BSB, and the Connection at Bandar Balikpapan. by:

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