Saturday, May 18, 2013

Explore Magnificence of Pahawang

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - I really like the atmosphere of the sea and the beach. After exploring the various attractions in the sea around the country, I feel cheated. There is a sea destinations near Jakarta that has not been where I go: Pahawang Island, at the lower end of the island of Sumatra. It is said that beautiful sea.
Pahawang Island in District Punduhpedada, Pesawaran, Lampung. Early last year I and a few friends set off night from Jakarta to Merak, Banten, continued to cross by ferry to Port Bakauheni, Lampung. Next we hired a car to get to Pier Ketapang because there was no bus to get there.
The sun peeked through Ketapang. We crossed with a warm reddish glow. With a small boat with a capacity of 15 people, about 45 minutes travel time. Pahawang island exploration began.
Pahawang island has six villages namely Suakbuah, Penggetahan, Jeralangan, circles, Pahawang and soul Cukuhnyai with 1,533 inhabitants. Around the island there are several islands Pahawang like Small Pahawang Island, Burnt Island, and Island Kelagian.
Our journey begins with an area around the island of Great Pahawang 1,084 hectares by boat. We combed the entire island shoreline. In one part of the island there is only a line of palm trees and lots of meetings.
In other parts there are forests with large trees on the lips shores. In this section only a little sand on the beach and were greeted leafy trees. Clear blue sea water, a sharp contrast with the green of the trees.
On the island there is a large Pahawang Java architecture villa belonging to a French citizen. Residents around calling him Mr. Jo. A small ship bearing »Ville D'Echternach II" moored at the dock. Not far from the docks, larger boats bersauhlah named »Ville D'Echternach".
Pahawang being around Big Island, time to explore the waters around. There are several snorkeling spots around the island. One of them contained a sunken fishing boat. The ship has become a haven of fish and other marine animals. The diversity of the island's underwater increases the variety of coral, fish, sea plants.
The second day. We decided to sail to Cape Disconnect and Kelagian island not far from Pahawang. Disconnect contained in the Tanjung Burnt Island, the only island composed of white sand. Around him colorful turquoise clear sea water, not too deep, like a private infinity pool framed lined hills and distant islands.
There was no coral at Burnt Island. However there are some sea grass and other vegetation where fish are hiding. We easily find beautiful clown fish and other fish. The sun began to rise, we climbed into the boat and continue the journey. Hunger and thirst brings us to our next destination: Kelagian Island.
Kelagian uninhabited islands. But some residents around the building Saung Saung on the beach. The entry fee to the island is Rp 3,000 per person. Besides Saung, also build community around food stalls. The island is often used by nature lovers camping.
Kelagian island has beautiful beaches. As fine as talcum powder white sandy beaches and clear water glass. Ideal location to relax and swim. We passed a fishing boat which is also being docked. Kelagian around the island is the location of fishing lure.
After eating we continued to enjoy the beautiful island. There is a swim, take pictures, even the style sunbathing Caucasians. I enjoy a nap in a swing hanging on a tree. At that time, I would like to come late afternoon. When evening merembang, we rushed to the pier Ketapang. Return.
Cut Khairun Nisa
Private sector employees in Jakarta, sea lovers.

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