Friday, October 17, 2014

Journey Reaching Goals: Semeru September 2014 (A Travel Notes)

Every normal human being should have the desire and aspiration. Whether it's just to eat every day, it could be a lawyer or a doctor in the future, or have a Bugatti Veyron at some later date. In a more narrow scope, we are often advised to make an annual wishlist when entering the turn of the year. Well, set foot on the summit Mahameru are ideals once my wishlist that has not yet been reached up to my age exceeds a quarter of a century.
This September I am determined to achieve my goals are. Together with Tris, a friend who had just returned home after working three years in Japan, we are determined to climb the peak Mahameru this September.

Just info, I've twice Semeru climbing lane. The first is simply to Ranu Kumbolo about 3 years ago, and in 2013 I stopped in yesterday's trip because of physical KALIMATI less fit. Therefore, this year I prepared everything including the last third of the night praying to be allowed by him climb the highest peak in Java.

3 September 2014

Preparation, make a checklist of gear, shopping, collect licensing requirements, and buy a ticket. All we do in the middle of busy work. The initial plan was delayed departing late afternoon so the morning the next day because of considerations of preparation tools and materials are not yet mature.

4 September 2014

At 5 more we've standby at Station New Gubeng, preparatory train ride Milky II majors Surabaya - Malang. At the station we accidentally met three students from Tangerang who plan to climb Semeru also that Ben, Rafa, and Rezki. Later the three of them will be our colleagues during ascent from start to finish. At precisely 6 train leaving for Malang.

At 8 am we five up in New Malang Station and immediately chartered to the Overlapping Xenia. Up in front Alfamart Overlapping Market, we are looking for breakfast while spending additional purposes. After that we walked about 100 meters to the Basecamp Climber Semeru Perhutani. There we were directed to complete the requirements listed for the ascent and entry in the transport group to Ranu Pane Jeep. Honestly, the existence of Basecamp and the people in it are good and responsive, very helpful to us climbers who do not know anything about the system at Semeru climbing recently.

At 11 over we got Ranu Pane. After the licenses, we headed to shop around Ranu Pane to empty the contents of the stomach as well fill it back before starting the journey. Me and Tris also ngepack luggage as well re-enter the tent to the carrier. While Ben carrier, Rezki, and Rafa has been ter-pack neatly since at Basecamp Overlapping. At 13 we started the right way to Ranu Kumbolo.

to be continue

this story by shofwanologi

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