Tuesday, October 14, 2014

things unique and unusual when trying escape from the ordinary life

If you are a frequent traveler or  true traveler, then make a new year's resolution to matters "traveling". Find something unique and out of the ordinary when you traveling.

Similarly, if you are among those who rarely vacation.This 2014 means it's time to multiply your vacation time.

things that you can try
1. Perform a solo trip

If you are accustomed to travel in a group or party, try traveled alone. Whether you are female or male, you should try to travel alone.

2. Do the extreme
Choose an activity that you challenge yourself. Invite a friend to cheer you. This activity is suitable especially for your daily work routines to feel monotonous and regular life.

3. Follow the flow of fame
Visit touristic places that you've been avoiding. Eating at restaurants that are famous and largely frequented by tourists.

Also do this if you are a resident in sebuat local favorite tourist destinations. Be a tourist in your own hometown. A new experience will be present.

I hope my tip can be useful, cheers traveler

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