Friday, December 5, 2014

Anambas, Beautiful Tropical Islands in Asia.

Among the rows of beach in Tarempa, Momong Cape Coast is one of them which is highly recommended for your visit. Located on a promontory, this beach offers a super panoramic view, a combination of crystal clear sea water, white sand and natural coral reefs.
Compared to the adjacent beach, Beach Sand Manang, the coastline is much longer, about one kilo meter. So, if you come here, you can be satisfied explore every corners. Want the left side that many leaned by piles of stones or in the middle of a bustling palm trees. Or go ahead explore the far right side which is also sprinkled with rocks of various sizes and shapes.

But you should, if this beach, first sisiri in a central part of the pier by the locals named Port SMAN 1 Siantan because its location is right next to a famous school in Tarempa it. From the top of this dock you can enjoy the beauty of this coastal marine form of the clear sea water at the bottom of coral reef overgrown. Various marine fauna such as the colorful reef fish, so separate bonus because easily seen with the naked eye.

In this dock Area location, if you visit here, often see a group of young people who bathe, swim while snorkeling. The water is clear and not in. Almost all angles, with coral reefs are maintained naturalness.

Satisfied there, move to the south along the coast. Not far from there, you will find some of the gazebo is made of bamboo which is located juts into the sea. In the end, stood firm a house wall at the top there is an open area which also resembles the gazebo.

From the top of the house which apparently is a family karaoke room, you can freely see a sea view in Cape Momong charming. Graded blue sea green. Once upon a time looks small fishing boats being fro bringing in the catch. While on the side a bit to the south, clearly visible Sand Beach Manang pepohon decorated with palm leaves waving in the wind time.

The beauty of the beach was right there, right next to the gazebo that stands above the water, you will be treated again the scenery is rather difficult to find elsewhere. There stood a large rock pile plays no less than 30 meters on which thrives large tree towering again. Unique.

To enjoy this beach, you can go anytime. Can early, middle atapun when dusk. But definitely, if you want to linger here, you do not need to worry because here provided a café that sells a variety of food and beverages. Eat well in a comfortable place, namely in gazebos bamboo cafe manager is provided for the visitors.

Do not forget, before leaving, prepare things such as snorkeling equipment, for those who like to see the underwater flora and fauna, the camera along with the accessories that complete your photography hobby. If you want to stay by way of camping, tents and equipment to prepare well, including sufficient supplies in order to show air-camping-ria you there run smoothly and comfortably.


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