Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lombok Island is also known as the island of a thousand mosques.

The contradiction that makes tourists find the atmosphere of Bali in Lombok. "I like living in Lombok because the people here are not nosy. Moreover, no traffic jam and crowded like Bali, "said Stuart, American tourists when found in the Senggigi beach.

Lombok Island has an area of 473,780 hectares is not only storing wealth of natural tourism alone. Other tourism sector is the historical places Selaparang royal heritage 8th century. One of the royal site is in the City Park Narmada Nirmada which is about 10 km from Kota Mataram. This site has three ponds that are miniatures of Segara Anak.

Flash back to history

Lombok (population in 1990: 2,403,025) is an island in the Lesser Sunda Islands or Nusa Tenggara are separated by the Lombok Strait from Bali in the west and sebelat Alas Strait to the east of Sumbawa. The island is roughly circular shape with a kind of "tail" on the southwest side of a length less than 70 km. The island area is 4725 km ² (slightly smaller than Bali). The main town on the island is Mataram
The language used by the Sasak Lombok Island community, West Nusa Tenggara province. This language has a gradient as Bahasa Bali and Java language. Sasak language similar to and allied with the Balinese language.
Sasak language has dialects that vary by region, even the dialect in the region of East Lombok is often difficult to understand by speakers of other Sasak.

lombok beginning

The Dutch first stopover in Lombok in 1674 and occupied the eastern part of this island and left the western part of the then occupied by the Balinese. Sasak people feel dianaktirikan by the Balinese, and finally, the Dutch 'intervene'. They attacked Cakranegara, where the castle was in Bali in 1894 and entered this island in the Dutch East Indies government

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