Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Kuta beach, Lombok is an island resort in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Beaches with white sand lies a village called Desa Kuta. Desa Kuta began to place an attractive tourist destinations in Indonesia since the establishment of many new hotels. Besides the natural beauty that can be enjoyed in this village, once a year in Sasak ceremony held this village. This is a ceremony Nyale Odor. In this ceremony for the sailors at sea Nyale worms. According to legend, there was once a princess, named Princess Mandalika, a very beautiful, many princes and youth who want to marry him. Because he can not make decisions, then he plunged into the sea water. He previously promised that he would come back once a year. Long hair became the worms Nyale.

Kute village with white sand beaches located on the southern coast of Lombok island. Surrounded by rows of hills. In the early morning scenery can be seen from the top of these hills. Also terdpat many beaches that are not less interesting along the southern coast. Among Seger beach, Aan, Mawi, Selong Belanak, Rowok and Mawun. The last two very good as a location for windsurfing as well as for other beach sports.

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