Friday, September 4, 2009

Paradise is not only in Bali (Wakatobi Island)

Most of the tourists only know Bali is the most beutifull in Indonesia, but if you know there are many resorts paradise in Indonesia, for example one of the islands of Wakatobi

The first word that average people say when you hear the name Wakatobi is, "Well, where is it?"

Wakatobi Island, an area located in the Banda Sea area of Southeast Sulawesi is a tourist destination which was fantastic as a diving and tourism attractions that have Sea beloved Indonesia.
Miracle Sea Bottom and the best coral reefs in the world makes Wakatobi as one tourist destination (especially diving tourism) which you must visit for you lovers of Diving.

Indeed Wakatobi already very popular in foreign countries, especially after the British Expedition Wallacea in 1995 stated that the area in Southeast Sulawesi is very rich in species of coral. Over there, there are 750 of total 850 species of coral in the world.

so guys what you waiting for,prepare your backpack and go traveling!^_^

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