Friday, September 4, 2009

Tips Arrive in Bali at Night

Perhaps the question above is often thought of my friends who would come to Bali. But I have some tips that can help my friends when forced to land in Bali in late at night.

Along with the tourism sector began to rise in Bali, the more tourists who come to Bali especially domestic tourists. This is also supported by the rise of local private airlines are opening line from Jakarta to Bali or from other cities in Indonesia. The number of flights, some airlines offer cheaper fares for flights that night (last flight). The aircraft take off from Jakarta at around 20:30 and landed in Bali at 23:00 (flight time 1 1 / 2 hours, plus an hour for 1 hour Balinese time faster / WITA).

The problem is when you arrive in Bali at 23:00 hours, then will arise the question of how I can get the inn? And how to get transportation from the airport to the inn, how many taxi fare?

I have some tips for things like the above:
1.Time Bali 1-hour faster than Jakarta or WITA, so while on the plane rotate your watches 1 hour early / WITA

2.When you arrive at the Domestic Arrival Terminal Airport Ngurah Ray, you can use the official airport taxi purchase tickets by taxi at the official counter open until the last plane on the right night at the arrival exit gate. We just paid a cab to the ticket counter and not to the taxi driver. But you can give tips to the taxi driver later. When you arrive at the International Arrival Terminal no taxi counter in there, you can wait for a cab at the gate.
If there are no taxis, there is usually a taxi "omprengan" (black plate) but try to bargain with taxi fare your goals. omprengan taxi is usually not too put high tariffs. In a large official Counter Taxi fares in accordance with the long journey, for the purpose of Kuta, Legian Rp 45,000, Rp Jimbaran. 60000, 50000 Nusa Dua, Denpasar Rp. 65,000. Kuta is a tourist place closest to the airport with a distance of only 15 minutes. My advice if this is your first arrival in Bali you should first go to Kuta and find lodging there.

3.Lodging cheap, clean, and safe are common in Poppies Lane II Jalan Legian Kuta. From the airport you will pass Jalan Kartika Plaza, turn left on Jalan Pantai Kuta Kuta beach side and lined Luxury Hotel, Hard Rock Cafe, Pizza Hut, McDonnald and turn right into Jalan Poppies Lane II headed to Jalan Legian. On the right Poppies Lane II tell a lot of inexpensive but clean accommodations. You can stop in one of the inn and asked if there was an empty room. Please note Poppies Way is only one lane and one direction and the taxi could not stop long.

4.You can directly pay cash money to the receptionist's room and write the name on the ID card as a form given

Other facilities at Kuta

I think the most favorite place for the "first port" in Bali is Kuta. Apart from this region are famous Kuta beach (200 m from Poppies Lane II), also has complete facilities: Accommodation is cheap & clean, Restorant western & local food affordable, ATM, Internet, Circle K Mini Market 24 hours, clothing shop & souvenirs that are relatively cheap but you should nego about he price, and many bule-bule


Security matters, Bali can be said is relatively safe compared to other places in Indonesia, is rare hold-up, theft. The majority of the people of Bali are adherents of Hinduism who obey the fear of bad karma. Usually when there is crime perpetrators are immigrants. So do not be afraid to come to Bali, safe too!


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