Saturday, September 12, 2009

relaxing in the Lake Linow

Many foreign tourists taking the time to visit the Lake Linow (Linau). This lake is the color of the lake due to the influence of sulfur and daylighting. Its location in the east of District Lahendong. On the edge of the lake created a path for those of you who want to see the beauty of the lake closer color. If you are tired you can drink and snack at the "Cafe Koffie" in the gazebo.

With a footprint down that road, you can see wildlife such as birds endemic Belibis, Rice and the White Stork winged insects called "sayok" or "commodities". Seriti birds flying above the water surface of the lake add to the beauty of Lake Linow (Linau). Hot springs around the lake are also worth your look.Combing the shore, seemed the end of a wooden pavilion overlooking the lake. There were bubbles of hot water broke the surface of the lake.

One of the fascinating natural wonders and in North Sulawesi is familiar with Lake Linow. Karna extraordinary charm so many foreign and local wasatawan who came to this area.

You can enjoy the beauty of this lake while relaxing tired menghilankan a whipping, with the facilities provided in the form of bungalows.The time is right to see the lake was at the time of the morning, then that's when you'll be treated to a stretch of lake water was green and fresh.

According to locals frequent the lake color changes, depending on semuai that existing levels of sulfur in the lake.

The main attraction of this lake there is a natural sulfur content of the solution is in the lake water. Besides nature around the lake also makes the environment more beautiful and cool.
Not to mention the flower beds that were issued lakeside fragrance with scented flowers that are fragrant, so adding more pretty colors of the lake linow.

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