Friday, September 11, 2009

Want to live in the village? here where you should go:Kampung Naga (Tasikmalaya)

Kampung Naga is administratively located in the Village area Neglasari, Salawu Sub-district, Tasikmalaya, West Java province, Indonesia.

Kampung Naga is a village inhabited by a group of very strong community in holding the relics of ancestral traditions. This will be obvious differences when compared with other communities outside the village of Naga. Kampung Naga community living on an order which conditioned in an atmosphere of simplicity and the environment inherent traditional wisdom.

Kampung Naga location not far from the highway that connects the city with the city of Garut Tasikmalaya. This village was located in a fertile valley, with the boundary region, the West Village next to the Dragon is limited by the sacred forest in the forest because it is the ancestral tomb Kampung Naga society. In the south bordered by rice paddies of the population, and to the north and east of the river is limited by the source water Ciwulan from Mount Cikuray in Garut district. Mileage from town to Kampung Naga Tasikmalaya approximately 30 kilometers, while its distance from the town of Garut 26 kilometers. To get to Kampung Naga from the road to Garut, Tasikmalaya down the steps that have been on the wall, until ketepi river Ciwulan the slope around 45 degrees with a distance of approximately 500 meters. Then melaluai path along the river until Ciwulan into Kampung Naga.

According to data from the Village Neglasari, land surface form in Kampung Naga hills of soil productivity can be said fertile. Kampung Naga area of land that is an area of one hectare and a half, mostly used for housing, yards, ponds, and the rest is used for agriculture fields harvested twice a year.

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