Saturday, October 24, 2009

As far as views on the Savana

Location is just behind Mount Bromo, a good distance. Desperate to here is armed with information from friends, and it made me curious. Sure enough, the landscape here is beautiful. If you've seen the scene in the movie series Teletubis children, like really.

Vegetation that dominates this area are: a kind of ferns (Pteridophyta), Fennel plants (a type of plants for medicine), and also a kind of flower color. I do not know the exact name, characterized by the upright stems and coarse adaptation process shows the results of an open environment. So that these plants can survive and stand up against harsh winds and cold air.

Padang savanna is surrounded by rocky mountains covered with vegetation. The stones are covered by vegetation, although still visible in hot rocks with a blackish hue. Just so beautiful.

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