Saturday, October 24, 2009

Restores freshness in Curug Seven, Cilember

So far, if the trip to Puncak - Bogor, which we know is Cibodas, Safari Park, and the Tea Plantation. And there is also loh, other interesting locations that Curug Seven, Cilember. Curug seven are objects of nature tourism (ecotourism) is quite interesting with the natural panorama of spring with waterfall fruit 7. There was also a butterfly garden and exotic stretch of pine trees. If you are bored with the routine office work, this location can be an alternative choice of an attractive tourism and cheap too. Splashing sound of water, beautiful color butterflies, cold mountain air, will be an unforgettable experience.

Location Cilember Curug ecotourism is located within the protected forest area at an altitude of 800 m above sea level. To achieve it if you are from Jakarta, approximately 15 km out from the toll booth Gadog (Jagorawi), namely in the left side of the highway Peak. Plang own information guide on the right road, not so clear. When he turned toward the road, quite narrow and adequate housing through the dense and winding. In between meeting the housing, it is like not to believe, whether real waterfalls around here?. But after entering the gate Cilember curug ecotourism, the scene changed dramatically.

Curug Seven
Curug in Sundanese means waterfall, so the number is seven waterfall. The seven waterfalls are located in sequence starting from the location of seven curug bottom near guest house. For visitors who like hiking, can continue to curug 6, 5, 4, and so on until the top. Path to each curug very interesting and has a beautiful panorama and typical. To reach the top curug takes approximately 1 hour. This waterfall flows into a few places to form small rivers rocky. Is an interesting place for fishing cork. While there are some people who were fishing at the time, well, too many of their results, although the fish are small cork. We also see some unique fauna that is always in the waters of the river like dragonflies (Odonata) which has different colors, very beautiful and rarely found in other regions.

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