Saturday, October 17, 2009

Biak - a forgotten island

The sun had not fully reveal themselves, when the Garuda plane that brought us landed at 6 am on Kasiepo Frans airport, Biak, Papua. Fatigue after 7 hours flight from Jakarta relieved to see the blue expanse of sea and beautiful islands which spread from the air look. Our walk Guinea arrived at the hotel that was only 50 meters from the airport gate, while the baggage items brought by officers from Biak Diving is our pick. Today, seven of us will start diving adventures around the island of Biak.
Hotel New Guinea, a former hotel Dutch relic looks unique with wood architectural style colonial era. Lobby space, and a row of rooms in the room left and right wing, still use wood construction has not changed since the 50's. While we occupy a row of rooms on the lower ground area on the beach.
This city is unique, because it had been a trading town on the front lines of Papua Island. Ethnic variety found here. Bugis, Buton, Java, Manado, Makassar, Ambon, Madura and of course a native Papuan.

As the Garuda Indonesia still has a flight Jakarta - Los Angeles, they transit in Biak. No wonder Biak crowded and always busy. Airport Frans Kasiepo meruupakan one airport in Indonesia's large aircraft can be landed the Boeing 747 type. Now all of a sudden quiet, since Garuda stopped its long-distance flights to the United States. Also a former 5 star hotel which has become a nest shrub and scary

Occasional Japanese tourists come to visit Memorial Park - park memories Japanese soldiers during World War II - which looks very beautiful. Of course the routine maintenance funds from the Government of Japan.
Time remaining relics of the former Japanese army of occupation can still be seen as a cave cave protection and some like war machines ongokan cannons and tanks.
One of the goals of our diving is wreck former Catalina aircraft bombers who drowned in the depth of 30 meters off the east coast of Biak.
This is our first dive in Biak. Heavy rain did not prevent a very good visibility. Approximately 30 to 40 feet in the water clarity of view.
The next few days our expedition to the north, the islands Padaido. Amazing that the visibility is very clear. Superb visibility. Especially around the atoll Mansoor Babu. We reached back to the same place on the third day.
Here the life of coral reefs are still very healthy. Giant sea fans and hard coral in the composition of the wall - wall - around the atoll.
There are some niche - cave - near here, to make such a dive into the scary maze labyrinth. We do interfal surface, over lunch at the Island owi. As usual my colleague, Chris - Essence magazine journalist - always took time out to share reading materials for children on the island we visited.

After lunch, we headed to Mark's Point a point where the flow started fast. As the principles that we believe. No Current No Life. If any current means a lot to find fish

This is not wrong. Appeared in hot school of Baracuda, Baracuda fish crowd with elegant curves bend in the middle of the swift currents.
My adrenaline surged. Foot pedal as soon as the group drew the Baracuda fish fish. Dangerous? Not really. Obviously I was so busy photographing these fish until the fish was not carried into the open sea.
Once aware of my position was too far, too soon I go back to the wall the wall where my dive buddy was waiting patiently. Worried well.

In general the situation of coral reefs in the islands Padaido relatively good condition compared to other places around the Gulf of Paradise, which damaged many fish bombing.
Near Mike's Point, in addition to attractions Baracuda, we also found a group of other fish. School of Jack. Pompano fish dikedalaman nearly 30 meters. Nothing useless our long journey from Jakarta to see the underwater world of amazing Biak.
Supposedly diperbatasan there with the Pacific Sea, north of Biak, Mapia islands which lie underwater scene more terrible. Honey is not made possible because the have to travel 1 day by boat. We are not a lot of time having to go back to Jakarta the day after tomorrow. Maybe one day we were there.
Sea 40 meters biru.Visibility, Pelagics, beautiful coral reefs. Who could resist?

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